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Article: Sparse eyebrows, what to do?

Sparse eyebrows, what to do?

have eyebrows thin and sparse is not really in fashion at the moment . If you are In this case, don't panic ! Simple tips to follow and bad habits to banish from your routine beauty YOU will allow in a few weeks to find thicker and more fashionable eyebrows .  

If in the 2000s, thin and heavily plucked eyebrows were fashionable, this is no longer really the case today. Indeed, thick and full eyebrows are currently the reference models in this area. But, unfortunately, not all women are lucky enough to have naturally full eyebrows. Fortunately, solutions exist to compensate for this lack of thickness. 

Bad habits to avoid 

Lack of hygiene and failure to renew your hair cycle are two elements that considerably slow down the growth of your eyebrows. 

Do not remove makeup daily 

[Jump back to line] After a day spent outside where you put on makeup, it is essential to take some time to remove your makeup and remove all the makeup that you had on your face (pencil, eye shadow, eyeliner, foundation, etc.). This action is essential because it allows the pores of your epidermis to breathe and the hair follicles to grow more easily. Indeed, when these hair follicles are clogged, they tend to become irritated and reduce their natural regrowth cycle. This leads to less intense hair activity and results in thinner eyebrows . 

Plucking your eyebrows excessively

If you want to find fuller eyebrows, you will have to banish your tweezers at all costs , at least for a while. Indeed, excessive hair removal will end up completely destroying the hair follicle which will then no longer be able to produce the hairs for your eyebrows. 

Opting for the wrong shade of eyebrow pencil 

When you use makeup to thicken your eyebrows, take the time to choose the same shade as your natural eyebrow color. In general, it is the same as your natural hair or slightly darker. Indeed, if you choose a color that is lighter or too dark, the result obtained will not be natural and may displease you. 

Effective solutions for fuller eyebrows 

Here are some tips and advice to have fuller eyebrows in a few weeks. 

Be patient 

You should know that regrowing your eyebrows will take time, whatever method you use. It takes several weeks at least for a truly visible result. 

Exfoliate your eyebrows regularly 

It is strongly recommended to exfoliate your eyebrows at least twice a week. This helps eliminate impurities (dead skin and dirt) and activate your blood circulation. You can even complete this treatment by massaging your eyebrows in the direction of growth. This will activate your blood circulation and at the same time the regrowth of your hair follicles. 

Apply treatments with nourishing oils 

Enjoy the benefits of nourishing vegetable oils like castor oil. The latter also has the advantage of activating hair growth. To apply it, do not hesitate to use a cotton swab, after having first cleaned your eyebrows with clean water. You should know that the first effects can be seen after approximately 2 months. 

Eat well 

A balanced and healthy diet is an essential element for good health and for your hair system to function properly. Prioritize protein intake as much as possible by eating eggs, fish and other protein-rich foods. 

Makeup your eyebrows 

Make -up can be an interesting alternative to thicken your eyebrows quickly and without delay. Thanks to makeup, you can even readjust and hide some of your small imperfections in order to enhance your look. 

Preferably use an eyebrow pencil in the color of your natural eyebrow hairs and redraw the shape of your eyebrows starting from the head of the eyebrow and possibly lengthening it a little. Fill in the inside of your sparse eyebrow by making small strokes in the direction of growth . 

If this alternative suits you, but you don't want to have to put on makeup every morning, you can also opt for eyebrow coloring or more permanent techniques, such as permanent makeup . This technique uses dermopigmentation which injects colored pigments directly into the superficial layers of your epidermis. This can therefore allow you to fill in the sparse spaces in your eyebrows, giving you a natural and long-lasting look. 

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