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All the essential L'Atelier du Sourcil makeup and skincare products, designed by our Atelier experts, now available at home!

Adopt the ideal products for perfect eyebrows, whether you prefer pencil or fixing gel. But also a complete makeup range, including a smile with Atelier lipsticks.

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Nouveauté !Save 15%Perfectcils Sérum fortifiant cilsPerfectcils Sérum fortifiant cils
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Perfectcils Sérum fortifiant cils
Sale price62,24€ Regular price73,22€
Best sellerSave 22%#couleur_taupe#couleur_taupe
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Sublimabrow eyebrow pencil
Sale price14,40€ Regular price18,47€
Best sellerSave 22%#couleur_wood foncé#couleur_wood foncé
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Browline microblading felt
Sale price17,29€ Regular price22,17€
Best sellerSave 20%Browshape Transparent Fixing GelBrowshape Transparent Fixing Gel
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Browshape Transparent Fixing Gel
Sale price20,21€ Regular price25,26€
Save 25%#couleur_brun fonce#couleur_taupe
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Sublimabrow Beveled Eyebrow Pencil
Sale price13,84€ Regular price18,47€
Save 22%#couleur_ambre brun#couleur_ambre brun
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Eye pencil Les Gemmes
Sale price13,58€ Regular price17,41€
Save 30%Ricigel eyelash serumRicigel eyelash serum
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Ricigel eyelash serum
Sale price20,58€ Regular price29,39€
Save 22%#couleur_chamois#couleur_chamois
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Browshape Colored Gel
Sale price20,11€ Regular price25,79€
Gift cardGift card
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Gift card
Sale priceFrom 21,40€
Best sellerSave 22%Mascara Volumacils volume and definitionMascara Volumacils volume and definition
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Mascara Volumacils volume and definition
Sale price22,93€ Regular price29,39€
Save 20%Professional Eyebrow ScissorsProfessional Eyebrow Scissors
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Professional Eyebrow Scissors
Sale price13,84€ Regular price17,29€
Save 22%Ultra-volume Volumacils MascaraUltra-volume Volumacils Mascara
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Ultra-volume Volumacils Mascara
Sale price22,93€ Regular price29,39€
Save 20%#couleur_chocolat#couleur_chocolat
L'Atelier du Sourcil
SublimLiner felt eyeliner
Sale price11,97€ Regular price14,97€
Save 22%#couleur_nude clair#couleur_nude clair
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Minéclat Correcting Mine Concealer
Sale price13,90€ Regular price17,83€
Save 20%#couleur_mat/irisé#couleur_mat cuivré/irisé cuivré
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Luminabrow Duo Eyebrow Pencil
Sale price17,74€ Regular price22,17€
Best sellerSave 15%tweezers STYLBROWtweezers STYLBROW
L'Atelier du Sourcil
tweezers STYLBROW
Sale price14,71€ Regular price17,29€
Save 25%#couleur_brun#couleur_brun
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Perm-A-Line Brow Cream
Sale price20,46€ Regular price27,27€
Save 10%Pencil trimmingPencil trimming
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Pencil trimming
Sale price7,26€ Regular price8,07€
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Sale price23,40€ Regular price33,43€
Save 20%Eyelash curl pinchEyelash curl pinch
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Eyelash curl pinch
Sale price14,26€ Regular price17,83€
Save 25%Mascara upcils®Mascara upcils®
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Mascara upcils®
Sale price22,05€ Regular price29,39€
Save 34%Eyebrow Exfoliator - LipsEyebrow Exfoliator - Lips
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Eyebrow Exfoliator - Lips
Sale price13,38€ Regular price20,27€
Save 22%Browstyler eyebrow styling waxBrowstyler eyebrow styling wax
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Browstyler eyebrow styling wax
Sale price22,76€ Regular price29,19€
Save 22%Tweezers a tweezers with stylbrow+Tweezers a tweezers with stylbrow+
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Tweezers a tweezers with stylbrow+
Sale price22,93€ Regular price29,39€
Save 25%#couleur_tourmaline#couleur_tourmaline
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Satin lipstick
Sale price15,12€ Regular price20,16€
Save 30%Revelation Makeup PaletteRevelation Makeup Palette
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Revelation Makeup Palette
Sale price26,74€ Regular price38,20€
Save 25%#couleur_grenat impérial#couleur_grenat impérial
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Matte Lipstick
Sale price15,12€ Regular price20,16€
Save 34%Eyebrows & Beard Kit The EssentialEyebrows & Beard Kit The Essential
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Eyebrows & Beard Kit The Essential
Sale price34,31€ Regular price51,99€
white.jpgThe white box x l'Atelier
L'Atelier du Sourcil
The white box x l'Atelier
Sale price5,31€
Save 20%Make-up kitMake-up kit
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Make-up kit
Sale price10,61€ Regular price13,27€
Save 30%L'Atelier du Sourcil WaterL'Atelier du Sourcil Water
L'Atelier du Sourcil
L'Atelier du Sourcil Water
Sale price18,28€ Regular price26,10€
Web exclusive100% beauty e-Gift Card!
L'Atelier du Sourcil
100% beauty e-Gift Card!
Sale priceFrom 10,70€
Save 10%Permanent makeup post creamPermanent makeup post cream
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Permanent makeup post cream
Sale price10,51€ Regular price11,67€
Save 15%Perfectcils false eyelash applicatorPerfectcils false eyelash applicator
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Perfectcils false eyelash applicator
Sale price8,58€ Regular price10,09€