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Lip Makeup

A range of matte and satin lipsticks from L'Atelier du Sourcil: eye expert, which structures your face right up to your smile to enhance your personality. Ultra-pigmented creamy textures for easy application and all-day comfort!

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New!Lip Oil Rehab - Lip oilLip Oil Rehab - Lip oil
Lip Oil Rehab - Lip oil
Sale price22,29€
Best sellerLip Stain Masque - Long-lasting lip stain#couleur_bella (Mauve)
Best sellerPeel & Reveal Lip Stain Kit - Long-Wear Lip Stain Kit#couleur_whimsical (Rose foncé)
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Satin lipstick
Sale price20,16€
#couleur_grenat impérial#couleur_grenat impérial
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Matte Lipstick
Sale price20,16€
#couleur_saddle (Rose nude)#couleur_blush (Rose nude)
360 Lip liner - Lip pencil
Sale price20,16€
#couleur_holographic (Pailleté)#couleur_holographic (Pailleté)
Clear Shine Lip Top Gloss - Ultra-shiny Transparent Lip GlossClear Shine Lip Top Gloss - Ultra-shiny Transparent Lip Gloss
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