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Discover the makeup range from L'Atelier du Sourcil, n°1 in eye beauty, as well as complementary products from our partner brands. Quality, pigmentation and long-lasting are our requirements.

Eyes , eyebrows , lips or complexion, makeup offers infinite freedom to express your personality and adopt the look that suits you.

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Save 10%Browstyler eyebrow styling waxBrowstyler eyebrow styling wax
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Browstyler eyebrow styling wax
Sale price26,26€ Regular price29,19€
Best sellerSave 10%#couleur_taupe#couleur_taupe
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Sublimabrow eyebrow pencil
Sale price16,62€ Regular price18,47€
Best seller#couleur_wood foncé#couleur_wood foncé
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Browline microblading felt
Sale price22,17€
Best sellerSave 10%Browshape Transparent Fixing GelBrowshape Transparent Fixing Gel
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Browshape Transparent Fixing Gel
Sale price22,73€ Regular price25,26€
Save 15%#couleur_brun fonce#couleur_taupe
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Sublimabrow Beveled Eyebrow Pencil
Sale price15,70€ Regular price18,47€
Best sellerSave 10%Duo Volumisant by Revitalash Primer - Mascara 2-in-1Duo Volumisant by Revitalash Primer - Mascara 2-in-1
Duo Volumisant by Revitalash Primer - Mascara 2-in-1
Sale price31,04€ Regular price34,49€
Save 15%#couleur_ambre brun#couleur_ambre brun
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Eye pencil Les Gemmes
Sale price14,79€ Regular price17,41€
Save 15%#couleur_chamois#couleur_chamois
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Browshape Colored Gel
Sale price21,93€ Regular price25,79€
Best sellerSave 15%Mascara Volumacils volume and definitionMascara Volumacils volume and definition
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Mascara Volumacils volume and definition
Sale price24,99€ Regular price29,39€
Save 15%Ultra-volume Volumacils MascaraUltra-volume Volumacils Mascara
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Ultra-volume Volumacils Mascara
Sale price24,99€ Regular price29,39€
L'Atelier du Sourcil
SublimLiner felt eyeliner
Sale price14,97€
Save 20%#couleur_nude clair#couleur_nude clair
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Minéclat Correcting Mine Concealer
Sale price14,26€ Regular price17,83€
Save 15%#couleur_mat/irisé#couleur_mat cuivré/irisé cuivré
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Luminabrow Duo Eyebrow Pencil
Sale price18,85€ Regular price22,17€
Save 15%#couleur_brun#couleur_brun
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Perm-A-Line Brow Cream
Sale price23,18€ Regular price27,27€
Save 10%Pencil trimmingPencil trimming
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Pencil trimming
Sale price7,26€ Regular price8,07€
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Sale price28,42€ Regular price33,43€
Save 20%Mascara upcils®Mascara upcils®
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Mascara upcils®
Sale price23,51€ Regular price29,39€
Save 20%Eyelash curl pinchEyelash curl pinch
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Eyelash curl pinch
Sale price14,26€ Regular price17,83€
Best sellerSave 10%Lip Stain Masque - Long-lasting lip stain#couleur_bella (Mauve)
Lip Stain Masque - Long-lasting lip stain
Sale price22,92€ Regular price25,47€
Best sellerSave 15%Peel & Reveal Lip Stain Kit - Long-Wear Lip Stain Kit#couleur_whimsical (Rose foncé)
Peel & Reveal Lip Stain Kit - Long-Wear Lip Stain Kit
Sale price27,06€ Regular price31,83€
Best sellerSave 25%CC Perfect Radiance Tinted Treatment GelCC Perfect Radiance Tinted Treatment Gel
IOMA Paris
CC Perfect Radiance Tinted Treatment Gel
Sale price32,71€ Regular price43,61€
Save 20%#couleur_tourmaline#couleur_tourmaline
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Satin lipstick
Sale price16,12€ Regular price20,16€
Save 20%Revelation Makeup PaletteRevelation Makeup Palette
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Revelation Makeup Palette
Sale price30,56€ Regular price38,20€
Save 20%#couleur_grenat impérial#couleur_grenat impérial
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Matte Lipstick
Sale price16,12€ Regular price20,16€
Save 20%Make-up kitMake-up kit
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Make-up kit
Sale price10,61€ Regular price13,27€
Save 15%Dream Brow Gel - Colored Eyebrow Gel#couleur_black
Dream Brow Gel - Colored Eyebrow Gel
Sale price19,85€ Regular price23,35€
Save 10%#couleur_liquorice (Noir intense)#couleur_liquorice (Noir intense)
1440 Longwear Eyeliner - Kohl pencil for the eyes
Sale price18,15€ Regular price20,16€
Save 10%Perfectcils false eyelash applicatorPerfectcils false eyelash applicator
L'Atelier du Sourcil
Perfectcils false eyelash applicator
Sale price9,08€ Regular price10,09€
Save 10%#couleur_holographic (Pailleté)#couleur_holographic (Pailleté)
Glow Lip Top Gloss - Iridescent lip gloss
Sale price21,02€ Regular price23,35€
Save 10%Powerfull MascaraPowerfull Mascara
Powerfull Mascara
Sale price21,97€ Regular price24,41€
Save 10%Clear Shine Lip Top Gloss - Ultra-shiny Transparent Lip GlossClear Shine Lip Top Gloss - Ultra-shiny Transparent Lip Gloss
Clear Shine Lip Top Gloss - Ultra-shiny Transparent Lip Gloss
Sale price21,02€ Regular price23,35€
Save 10%#couleur_saddle (Rose nude)#couleur_blush (Rose nude)
360 Lip liner - Lip pencil
Sale price18,15€ Regular price20,16€
Save 20%Brow Stain & Go Masque - 48h eyebrow ink#couleur_dark brunette
Brow Stain & Go Masque - 48h eyebrow ink
Sale price19,53€ Regular price24,41€
New!Save 15%Lip Oil Rehab - Lip oilLip Oil Rehab - Lip oil
Lip Oil Rehab - Lip oil
Sale price18,94€ Regular price22,29€
Nouveauté !Save 10%Spray activateur encre à lèvresSpray activateur encre à lèvres
Spray activateur encre à lèvres
Sale price9,56€ Regular price10,61€