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Article: How to wear makeup in winter?

How to wear makeup in winter?

When the temperatures begin to drop and the cold settles down In OUR daily , our habits change . OUR routine beauty must SO adapt to this change of season , but how ? Here is a few tips and advice For take care of yourself in winter .  

When winter sets in, we go out less, we stay indoors more and all these changes have a direct impact on our skin. Our complexion becomes duller and our lips tend to crack more easily. Find out how to take care of your skin and how to wear makeup in winter! 

Take care of your complexion when it's cold

Low winter temperatures attack our skin, so it is important to hydrate your skin well so that it does not lose its natural radiance. 

Hydrate your skin well 

The skin dries out quickly in winter because of the cold temperatures which put our skin to the test. It is therefore essential to continue to have a beauty routine adapted to your skin type. Clean your face every day with a mild soap and apply a moisturizing BB cream. You can even apply a night cream for complete and restorative hydration.


Restore a healthy glow to your complexion 

In winter, our complexion is duller, so we must take care to restore its natural radiance. For this, your concealer will be one of your most faithful allies. Indeed, dark circles dull your complexion and make you look tired. Therefore, choose a concealer that matches your skin tone, or even a little lighter. 

Then, you will need to work on your complexion more than usual, in order to restore freshness and color to it. For fair-skinned blondes, opt for a pink blush, emphasizing the cheekbones. If, on the other hand, you are brunette with darker skin, use warmer, even coppery shades to which you can add a mattifying powder. 

Enhance your look in winter 

The eyes are a central element of our face, so highlighting them is not optional. But how to enhance your look in a subtle and elegant way? Here are the beauty tips to enhance the color of your eyes in winter. 

Choosing the right shades based on the natural color of your eyes 

Depending on the color of your irises, certain shades will suit you better than others. As a general rule, you should avoid using eye shadow in the same color as your iris. For example, a woman with blue eyes should avoid choosing eyeshadow that revolves around bluish tones. 

In winter, it is advisable to focus on color, in order to revive your style and restore a healthy glow. Here are some tips depending on the color of your irises: 

  • Blue eyes: opt for warm colors like orange, yellow or gold.  
  • Green eyes: favor pink, purple or mauve shades.  
  • Brown eyes: you are spoiled for choice, brown eyes are highlighted by almost all colors. However, in winter, do not overload your eyes with dark colors, favor more iridescent and golden colors to bring warmth to your look.  

Eyeliner to reshape your eyes 

Colorful or black, eyeliner is essential to enhance and reshape your eyes. More or less thick depending on the shape of your eyelids, the eyeliner will enlarge your eyes for a guaranteed doe-eye effect. Don't forget to perfect your makeup by taking care of your eyebrow makeup . 


Which lipstick to choose in winter? 

Well-defined lips highlighted by pretty permanent lip makeup or with a nude or intense red lipstick complete a look for a modern style in all circumstances. 

Taking care of your lips every day 

In winter, our lips are directly affected by low temperatures, which is why they are often more chapped than normal. It is therefore essential to moisturize them daily by applying nourishing lip balms once or twice a day. Namely, some lipsticks are mixed with protective care products, which can be a good compromise in case of very damaged lips. 

Choosing the right color for your lipstick 

In winter, you can favor more intense colors like red or burgundy red. Tulip pink may also be suitable depending on the color of your skin. The choice of your lipstick will also depend on the rest of your makeup. If your eyes are already busy, opt for a neutral mouth instead. On the other hand, if you want to accentuate your lips, you can use a brighter color. 

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