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Article: Stiff eyelashes: what to do?

Stiff eyelashes: what to do?

The fashion East to eyelashes supplied and voluminous . But , not all women have not lucky enough to be able to count on long eyelashes curved . Fortunately , tips can be put in place for boost the growth of your eyelashes Or For their give a more rounded effect with more volume .  

Most women dream of long and voluminous eyelashes , which naturally enhance the look. But, some of us can have stiff and quite short eyelashes . Which is not necessarily very practical for highlighting your eyes. What to do when you have stiff eyelashes? Discover some ideas and tips for highlighting your eyes and applying makeup well! 

How to recognize stiff eyelashes? 

The stiffness of your eyelashes may in particular be due to the small size of your eyelashes, but also to the fact that they may be less full than average. The causes of this lack of natural volume can be genetic or due to poor diet or lifestyle (repeated stress, anxiety). Certain medical treatments can also be the cause of eyelash alopecia, such as chemotherapy. 

How to beautify them? 

There are more or less effective alternatives to stiff eyelashes: a better diet, products that activate the growth of your eyelashes, etc. 

Review your diet 

Eyelashes, like hair and nails, are made of keratin. Your diet therefore plays a vital role in the growth of your eyelashes. Favor protein foods or foods containing zinc . All foods containing B vitamins are also very important for strengthening your eyelashes. 


Use products that boost the growth of your eyelashes 

It is sometimes possible to give nature a little help by using stimulating products . A word of advice: always test your lotions beforehand on a small area of ​​your body, to ensure that you are not allergic to the product. 

The eyelash curler 

For visibly curled lashes, you can use an eyelash curler . This beauty routine aims to slightly increase the curvature of your eyelashes for more curved eyelashes with a more voluminous effect. However, be careful, always remember to use your eyelash curler before applying your makeup, and not the other way around. 

Use false eyelashes or eyelash extensions 

If you want to have significantly more volume quickly, you can opt for false eyelashes or eyelash extensions . The advantage of false eyelashes is that they are easily removed and are perfect for one-off use at a lower cost. Natural eyelash extensions , on the other hand, are a more expensive and more durable way to have long eyelashes. 

Eyelash enhancement 

Eyelash enhancement is a service that aims to lift and curl eyelashes naturally and gently. To do this, we work the base of the eyelash to give volume and widen the look. The eyelashes remain curled for 6 weeks, ideal if you don't want to use your eyelash curler every day! 

Makeup tips to enhance your look even with stiff eyelashes 

It is also possible to enhance your eyelashes with makeup . Here are some easy tips to put into practice. 

A mascara with the perfect texture 

Choose a quality mascara with a creamy and light texture. It is important that it is not too thick so as not to weigh down your already fragile lashes. Indeed, a mascara with a heavy texture could weigh on the roots of your eyelashes and make them fall more easily. 

A silicone brush 

Choose mascaras with a silicone brush . This makes it easier to separate the eyelashes from each other, for a more voluminous and elongated effect. You thus avoid clumps of mascara which can be unsightly and have negative effects on the curvature of your eyelashes. 

Technical actions to adopt 

Here are some steps to know to use your mascara properly: 

  • Apply your mascara in a zigzag pattern to avoid clumps and weighing down your lashes.  
  • Focus on the upper lashes and particularly on the outer tips for an intense look.  
  • For a blow-dry effect, keep your mascara brush on the roots of your eyelashes for a few seconds and then stretch them along the lengths to further curl your eyelashes .  

Eyeliner to widen your eyes 

To finalize your look, don't hesitate to draw a line of black eyeliner along the upper lash line or opt for a permanent lash line . This will widen your eyes and give the effect of fuller eyelashes. On the other hand, this will restructure the lines of your eyes for a fatal look on all occasions. 

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