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Article: The essential make-up essentials to always have with you for perfect eyebrows

The essential make-up essentials to always have with you for perfect eyebrows

All women wish have eyebrows perfect in all circumstances . For this, he must have the good ones accessories at your fingertips . But , what are they ?  

Tweezers, mascara and fixative, eyebrow pencil, so many essential utensils for well-structured eyebrows and a sublime look on all occasions. Discover without further delay the essential make-up essentials to always keep with you for last minute make-up or a little touch-up! 

Tweezers to restructure your eyebrow line 

Tweezers are the key tool for well -groomed eyebrows. But, several tweezers exist, so it is important to choose them carefully. 

Structuring your eyebrows

Plucking your eyebrows allows you to give them the shape you want. The current fashion is for natural, full eyebrows . However, three points of reference must be respected to restructure your eyebrows in a harmonious manner: 

  • The head of the eyebrow: this is the point drawn by the line which passes through the inner corner of your eye and the bridge of your nose. This is where your eyebrows should ideally start.  
  • The eyebrow arch: The arch of your eyebrow should normally be located on the right that passes through the center and inner corner of your eye.  
  • The tail of the eyebrow: the end of your eyebrow is determined by the line passing through the outer corner of your eye and your nose.  

Modulate their thickness

Tweezers also allow you to regulate the thickness of your eyebrows , if you find that your eyebrows are too thick you can remove some hairs, but in moderation, because once the hair is removed, it will not grow back soon. 

Eyebrow tweezers: how to choose the right one?

The ideal if you want to pluck your eyebrows is to choose crab tweezers . This is the most suitable model for facial and eyebrow hair removal. The advantage of this type of tweezers is that they allow you to pull out fine hairs without breaking them. This allows you to tweeze your eyebrows in a neat manner. 

Eyebrow mascara: for a perfect finish 

Eyebrow or fixative mascara allows you to enhance your look for a perfect make-up and enhanced eyebrows. 

Choose your shade wisely

Whether you are blonde, brunette or redhead, the color of your eyebrows generally matches that of your hair . For a 100% natural effect, it is important to choose your shade carefully. You should try to choose the color that is closest to your natural color. You could possibly opt for a slightly darker shade, but without going overboard. Otherwise, you risk ending up with very marked eyebrows, which can spoil the harmony of your face. 

Control the movement of your eyebrows

Thanks to eyebrow mascara, you will be able to decide the movement you give to your eyebrows. In the direction of growth for a classic and neat effect, upwards for a “brow lamination” effect at the top of the trend at the moment, etc. 

The best thing about eyebrow mascara is its setting effect . Indeed, once properly plucked, applying an eyebrow fixative allows you to fix them in the shape you want for a perfect look at any time of the day. 

An alternative to coloring

When you have sparse or very light-colored eyebrows , eyebrow mascara can be a good way to color your eyebrows a little more without resorting to eyebrow coloring or technical methods that must be done in an institute, such as permanent makeup . 

The eyebrow pencil to restructure the line of your eyebrows

The eyebrow pencil is an essential tool to enhance your look. 

Simply redraw your eyebrow line

Thanks to the eyebrow pencil , you can considerably improve the line of your eyebrows. You can even hide some of your small flaws and compensate for a lack of thickness or a problem with sparse eyebrows, for example. 

To properly reshape your eyebrows, you can use the same method as hair removal with the 3-point rule to be respected. The pencil can therefore prove to be an effective way to give more volume to your eyebrows, if they are bald or sparse. 

Make-up tips to enhance your eyebrows

Ideal for enhancing your look by highlighting your eyebrows and perfecting your eyebrow pencil makeup by adding a light eye shadow or a touch of concealer just under the brow bone. This will skillfully highlight the natural line of your eyebrows while widening your eyes . You can even add a touch of highlighter to the inner corner of the eye for a sublime look from all angles. 

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