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Article: Coloring your eyebrows: everything you need to know before you start!

Coloring your eyebrows: everything you need to know before you start!

Do you want to permanently or temporarily change the color of your eyebrows? Find out everything you need to know before taking the plunge! 

Increasingly popular, eyebrow coloring has many advantages and allows you to enhance your eyebrows. But, to be successful, eyebrow tinting must be done according to the rules of the art, so as not to deconstruct the naturally harmonious lines of your face. 

What exactly does eyebrow coloring involve?  

Eyebrow coloring works like classic hair coloring. A tint in the form of a cream is applied to the eyebrows. Leave the product on for just a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. 

Quick and fairly easy to perform for an experienced person, this technique is currently particularly fashionable in its ephemeral version with the Bleached eyebrow. Where it is a question of artificially “erasing” the line of one's eyebrows, for a guaranteed original effect. 


Can you color your eyebrows yourself or is it better to go to a specialized beauty salon?  

Eyebrow tinting is a precision technique that requires special know-how. 

Coloring your eyebrows at home  

The equipment required to do eyebrow coloring is quite basic. Therefore, it is possible to dye your eyebrows yourself. However, this also requires specific technical gestures that you must know how to carry out correctly so as not to be disappointed by the final result. This is why it is strongly recommended to go to a beauty salon at least for the first dye. This session will allow you to see how the beautician does it and ask her for wise and effective expert advice. 

The different stages of eyebrow coloring in an institute  

In an institute, eyebrow coloring is an inexpensive and fairly quick practice, here are the main steps: 

  1. A personalized interview with a professional: the beautician will take the time to see with you what result you want to obtain. To determine which shade to use.
  2. Allergy test : to be sure that you will not have any skin reactions (pimples, itching, burning), the beautician will take the time to test the product she is going to use on your eyebrows beforehand.
  3. Preparation of the surface to be colored: for the coloring to be perfect, the beautician will prepare your eyebrows by cleaning them with a fine brush and applying vaseline or a fatty substance around your eyebrows, in order to create a demarcation line clean and precise.
  4. Application of the tint: Using a makeup brush, the professional beautician will carefully apply the tinted preparation to your eyebrows. In general, the application is very light, to maintain a more natural effect.
  5. Exposure time: you will then need to leave the color on for a maximum of 5 minutes.
  6. Rinsing and finishing: as soon as the application time has elapsed, you will need to rinse the colored area and possibly resume lightly waxing your eyebrows if necessary.

Eyebrow coloring: an effective technique?  

Eyebrow tinting combined with good eyebrow waxing can provide enhanced eyebrows for an intense look in all circumstances. In fact, here are its main advantages: 

  • Colors and evens out the color of your eyebrows. Ideal when you start to have graying eyebrows.  
  • Intensifies or reduces the shade of the eyebrows to achieve the desired effect.  
  • Allows you to have a sublimated eyebrow line in all circumstances without makeup, even at the swimming pool or at the beach.  
  • Long-lasting coloring (3 to 6 weeks).  
  • Quick technique to perform (exposure time between 1 and 5 minutes).  
  • Inexpensive alternative (count between €15 to €20 for an eyebrow coloring session).  

Coloring is a practical solution to even out the color of your eyebrows. This technique is ideal if you have full eyebrows and you just want to perfect their color or even it out. 


Unfortunately, eyebrow coloring is not the perfect solution to all problems either. Indeed, although it is easy to achieve, it is not necessarily suitable for all profiles. Indeed, it is, for example, strongly recommended not to dye your eyebrows, when you have sparse and sparse eyebrows, because the coloring will not tint your skin. As a result, the holes and imperfections in your eyebrows will stand out even more. Exactly what you want to avoid. This is why we generally advise people who have thin eyebrows to turn to permanent makeup , which is dermopigmentation which aims to fill in the gaps in your eyebrows, for a guaranteed natural effect. 

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