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Article: 5 tips for using your eyelash curler properly

5 tips for using your eyelash curler properly

The curvature of our eyelashes is an undeniable beauty asset for an intense and sublime look. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with long, naturally curled eyelashes. This is why you can give nature a little help by using an eyelash curler. 

This very easy-to-use beauty tool can allow you to boost the curl of your eyelashes in just a few seconds, without the need to opt for a lash lift . Quickly discover 5 practical tips for making the best use of your eyelash curler. 

Use your eyelash curler on clean eyelashes  

An eyelash curler is not a dangerous tool. However, it is essential that it is properly cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis, and that it does not show any traces of anomalies. Otherwise, the eyelash curler may damage your eyelashes. However, never use an eyelash curler if you have already applied your mascara, as mascara tends to harden your eyelash hairs. Which could then break them under the action of your device. So always keep in mind that it is important to have clean and makeup-free eyelashes before using your beauty tool. 

Choose the right eyelash curler based on the size of your eyes  

There are several types and sizes of eyelash curlers. If you have small eyes, choose eyelash curlers with flat tweezers. On the other hand, if you have large eyes, eyelash curlers with curved clips will be more appropriate. For optimal efficiency, you can also opt for the heated eyelash curler. This is usually battery operated and will curl your lashes more easily using heat. 

Also remember to clean this rubber tip thoroughly after each use and to change it if it has any irregularities, as this can affect the proper functioning of this beauty tool. On the other hand, an uncleaned eyelash curler can leave unsightly traces of black eyeliner on your eyelids. 

Finally, the price of this beauty tool is not very high (between €3 and €30). It is therefore advisable to opt for at least an intermediate range to be sure of using a quality product. 

Eyelash curler: instructions for use  

After cleaning your eyelashes, stand upright, facing a mirror. For best results, look down. Grab your eyelash curler and place it as close as possible to the roots of your eyelashes, without touching the skin of your eyelids. Press the eyelash curler for 5 to 10 seconds. Then, repeat this operation two more times, in the middle of the length of your eyelashes and finally at their ends. This will allow you to optimize the curvature of your eyelashes as much as possible. 

Beauty tips to finish your make-up  

Once your eyelashes are perfectly curled, finish your beauty look by applying black mascara. The ideal is to apply it in a Z pattern so as not to create unsightly clumps. You can also perfect your makeup by drawing a line of eyeliner and adding an eyeshadow that will brighten your eyes, for a sublime look in all circumstances. Also remember to use our eyelash revitalash to take care of your eyelashes and strengthen them! 

Are there other beauty alternatives to enhance the curvature of your eyelashes?  

The problem with eyelash curlers and makeup is that their effects are fleeting and you have to start all over again the next morning. But, fortunately, other solutions exist to quickly boost the size of your eyelashes. 

Use false eyelashes  

False eyelashes are a very practical alternative for an evening or a day. Very easy to install and very inexpensive. It applies in no time. Simply put glue on your false eyelashes and place them over your natural lashes for an immediate intense volume effect. They are also very easy to remove with a little water or makeup remover. This alternative is very practical for occasional use. However, if you want a long-term solution, the eyelash extensions technique will be more suitable. 

Eyelash extensions for a lasting effect  

Eyelash extensions must be carried out in a beauty salon by professionals. Indeed, the glue used if applied incorrectly can be dangerous and cause unpleasant skin reactions. This treatment can be a little long, because it involves sticking artificial eyelash extensions one by one at the root of your eyelashes, in order to intensify their volume. The effect of eyelash extensions can last between 3 to 4 weeks. In general, after this time, touch-ups are necessary. Despite certain contraindications which may seem restrictive, natural eyelash extension allows you to obtain flattering volume and keep it intact for several weeks without having to use makeup. 

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