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Article: End of year makeup

End of year makeup

Quickly discover trendy ideas to inspire you and create unforgettable party makeup. 

The end of year celebrations are approaching and so is the time for preparations. Christmas, New Year, these moments are often an opportunity to get dressed up and create an innovative make-up combining modernity and originality. Are you wondering how to wear makeup for the holidays? Here are some ideas and tips for successful makeup! 

Sequins and rhinestones to shine brightly  

For Christmas or New Year's Eve, anything goes! It's time to dare with originality and rhinestones. You can opt for colorful and glittery eyeshadows that are very trendy at the moment. Glitter lipstick is currently in fashion. On the other hand, to avoid looking like a disco ball, consider limiting yourself to a single area of ​​your face. Either the mouth or the eyes for example. Otherwise, the effects you want to give to your makeup will blend in with the rest and not give the expected result. 

Perfect eyebrows for enhanced makeup  

First of all, plan an eyebrow wax before the end of year holidays in order to have a perfectly shaped and trimmed eyebrow line. Indeed, careful makeup could be spoiled by poorly or even not plucked eyebrows. 

The eyebrows frame and highlight the eyes. It is therefore imperative that they are well defined if you want to enhance your eyes. A visit to one of our workshops, a few days before New Year's Eve, will allow you to carry out the ideal eyebrow treatment. From simple waxing to coloring your eyebrows, we help you enhance your eyes for successful party makeup! 


Smoky eyes: timeless makeup  

Smoky eyes intensifies the look whatever the color of your eyes. To achieve it, choose several shades which will look like a gradient. With the darkest shade (often black), draw the outer contours of your make-up going towards the outside of the upper eyelid. The intermediate shade(s) will allow you to create a gradient gradually reaching the inner corner of your eye. Enhance everything with a black or colored mascara for a guaranteed fatal look. On the other hand, when it comes to your mouth makeup, opt for a nude lipstick, so as not to overdo it. 

The classic intense red eyeliner and mouth  

If you want to be elegant without going overboard, opt for a classic and modern look. The best is to draw a black eyeliner that you can thicken slightly depending on the shape of your eyes. Add black mascara and to enhance everything, opt for an intense red lipstick for a simply stunning ladylike look. 

Graphic eyeliner for an original style  

Dare to be original by opting for graphic eyeliner. Wear colors and 100% artistic graphics. Very trendy at the moment, this type of makeup will not go unnoticed. On the other hand, it is difficult to achieve this type of makeup yourself, so as not to make a fashion faux pas, it is better to go to a beautician or a professional makeup artist who will do your makeup for the big day. 

Two-tone eye makeup  

Mixing colors is fashionable. However, do not mix more than 2-3 colors maximum. The ideal for a successful two-tone makeup is to opt for one shade for the upper eyeliner line and another color for the lower eyeliner line using a makeup or eyeliner pen. liner. Also be careful to choose the right colors for your complexion and the color of your irises. 

Holographic effects for modern and innovative makeup  

Holographic makeup has the particularity of changing color with differences in brightness. It is therefore an ideal evening make-up for a trendy and trendy look. Enhance your eyes with a unique play of luminosity that will highlight your best assets. 

The reverse Cat eye for a stunning look  

This original technique overturns the traditional codes of make-up to enhance your eyes. In fact, the reverse cat eye highlights the lower part of your eye with a thicker line of your eyeliner on the lower lash line. This aims to lengthen your eyes and enhance them for a femme fatale look. On the other hand, it is not suitable for all eye shapes, so experiment or ask a professional for advice before choosing this makeup for your New Year's Eve. 

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