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Article: How to hide your dark circles and look less tired?

How to hide your dark circles and look less tired?

Not very aesthetic, dark circles under the eyes make you look bad and look tired. Fortunately, thanks to a few good habits and actions that are easy to integrate into your beauty routine, you can hide or make your dark circles disappear! 

Have the nights been short and fatigue has accumulated and left dark circles on your face? Don't panic, tailor-made makeup tips can help you skillfully hide the traces left by fatigue and make them temporarily disappear for a sublime complexion full of vitality. Find out how to apply makeup to brighten your complexion and enhance your eyes. 

How do dark circles appear?  


Dark circles, drawn features, bags under the eyes, are signs generally due to fatigue. The origin of dark circles is due to slowed blood circulation to the lower area of ​​our eyes. This can be the consequence of too short nights of sleep, but not only that. Dark circles can also be caused by tobacco, alcohol, stress and even too long exposure to the sun without protection. 

Once they appear, dark circles are not indelible. Rest and a healthy lifestyle will allow you to reduce them, or even make them disappear. However, certain skin types are more prone to the appearance of dark spots under the eyes than others. In this case, your beauty routine will be one of your best allies in effectively illuminating your complexion. 

Tips to hide your dark circles and look less tired  


Whatever the causes of your dark circles, simple tips to put into practice will allow you to hide them until they disappear naturally. 

Plan your beauty routine  


To be less prone to dark circles, you need to tone your skin and moisturize it regularly. Depending on your skin type, choose a moisturizing BB cream that will deeply nourish your skin. Once your skin is clean, apply a moisturizer to firm the pores and thus make your epidermis more elastic. 

Bad habits to ban  


Certain behaviors can accentuate our dark circles, such as: 

  • The stress,  
  • An unbalanced diet.  
  • Tobacco and alcohol,  
  • Lack of sleep: sleeping well is one of the best remedies for dark circles.  
  • Opt for bluish makeup: if you have dark circles, do not use eye shadow with bluish tints, as this will further reinforce the color of your dark circles.  


Use make-up for a healthy glow  


For an immediate healthy glow, all you have to do is permanent eye makeup or to do it every day. Fortunately, a well-done make-up can overcome dark circles and marks left by fatigue. 

Work on your complexion  


To effectively reduce dark circles on your face, the trick is to work on your complexion. To do this, here are the different steps to follow: 

  1. Start by applying concealer to the highlighted areas. In general, as these areas are located under the eyes, the easiest way is to draw a triangle, the base of which would be your lower eyelid. The color of the concealer is often pink for fair skin and tends towards peach for darker skin.  
  1. Then apply over your concealer. Generally, this is chosen a shade lighter than that of your skin, in order to brighten your eyes.  
  1. Then use your usual foundation to even out the color of your skin. Do not add too much material to avoid the mask effect.  
  1. To finish, you can apply a little highlighter to the cheekbones and the bridge of your nose for a shiny and luminous complexion.  

Intensify your gaze  


To avoid eyes falling on your dark circles, intensify your gaze so that it attracts all the attention. If you are surrounded, opt more for luminous and fresh makeup. Avoid shades that are too dark, which will bring out the color of your dark circles. If you have blue eyes, opt for orange shades and if you have brown eyes, go for gold. 

Also take care of your eyebrows, reshape them using an eyebrow pencil and apply light eye shadow under your brow bone to widen your eyes. Finally, don't forget to draw a light line of eyeliner on your upper eyelid to enhance your entire make-up. 

Bet everything on an intense red lips  


If you only have a few minutes to apply makeup, you can opt for a quick but effective solution. Opt for natural makeup. Take care of your complexion and choose a red lipstick to enhance your lips in no time. This way, eyes will mainly focus on the lower part of your face and will not linger on your skillfully concealed dark circles. 

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