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Article: What are the eye makeup trends for 2023?

What are the eye makeup trends for 2023?

In 2023, as Since several years , the trend East At natural . Discover the news quickly trends and stock up on ideas make -up by discovering the trends in advance makeup For sublimate your glance .  

Eyebrow lines, makeup, freshness and light make-up are to be favored this year. Of course, certain more eccentric looks like double cat eyes or bleached eyebrows will certainly also be one of the trends of the year to favor for the holidays. 

Bright colors for a sublime look

This year, we dare to use flashy colors (yellow, red, pink, purple, blue), whether by applying colored eye shadow or by opting for graphic eyeliner or even colored mascara. Colors are all the rage, especially for parties or festive events! 

For your everyday look, the makeup trend remains more classic. In 2023, natural looks and no unnecessary makeup will be at the forefront of the trend. Focus on a fresh and natural complexion by hydrating your skin daily by applying a nourishing BB cream adapted to your skin tone. Then add your foundation (the same color as your skin tone) and highlight everything using a tip of highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes. 

Know that a fresh complexion will generously highlight the features of your face and will make it easier for you to bring out your femme fatale look. 

False eyelashes for a unique and ephemeral look 

False eyelashes and skin jewelry that attach to the face are increasingly trendy at the moment. Often worn for special occasions, they will certainly become essential for this year 2023. 

False eyelashes and natural eyelash extensions or Russian volume allow you to enhance makeup by simply increasing the visible length of your eyelashes. Often black in color, they are now also available in a colored version for an original and unique look. 


Eyeliner in all its forms 

The eyeliner line used for centuries to beautify women's eyes has retained all its splendor in 2023. Indeed, a black eyeliner line with a fresh complexion and a red mouth is a basic and timeless make-up that will will skillfully highlight your eyes. If you have difficulty achieving this line yourself or if you simply want to save time, it is possible to opt for permanent eyeliner , made with permanent makeup. Discreet and long-lasting, it's the ideal solution! 

Graphic eyeliner and holographic makeup 

This year, eyeliner comes in all its forms. The graphic eyeliner with its bright colors and original patterns will enhance your look in all circumstances. Sometimes, cut with holographic makeup to be even more at the forefront of the trend, makeup designs are surpassing themselves in 2023. 

The thick line 

The thick line of black eyeliner is seen more and more in fashion weeks. This is a very thick eyeliner line that takes up a large part of the eyelid and tends to stretch for a doe-eye effect. 

Double cat eyes 

In the same vein, double cat eyes are also well placed in the top makeup trends for this new year. Cat eyes are a fairly thick eyeliner line that stretches towards the outer tip of the eye. The particularity of the double cat eyes is its two superimposed features, one after the other. They are of course different colors and often complementary colors (black/white or blue/yellow, etc.). 

Thick eyebrows for a 100% natural effect 

Eyebrows play an essential role in intensifying your look. They frame the top of your head and refine your features and the natural shape of your face. 

Current fashion is natural 

For several years, the trend has been towards thick, natural eyebrows. The ideal is to perfect the natural line of your eyebrows using make-up by redrawing the shape of your eyebrows to harmonize the features of your face. For a perfect eyebrow line for all occasions, some women do not hesitate to use permanent makeup for a long-lasting and natural effect, such as microshading . 

The extreme trend of Bleached eyebrows 

In recent years, a new trend almost the opposite of thick eyebrows has emerged. This is Bleached eyebrow which aims to make your eyebrows invisible. Masked by makeup or bleached, your eyebrows become almost invisible. Which causes an original and unexpected effect that you can enjoy for special occasions. 

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