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Article: World Redhead Day: what makeup to wear?

World Redhead Day: what makeup to wear?

Rare and mysterious color , red is a hair color unique who can easily be highlighted by makeup . But , what tips beauty realize For enhance your make - up?  

Eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, foundation, eyebrow makeup , quickly discover all the tips to highlight your face when you have red hair. 

Work on your complexion to bring out its natural assets 

The complexion of redheads is often unique and characterized by a porcelain complexion. It is therefore important, while hiding any imperfections in your skin, to enhance its natural assets. 

Favor natural 

In the majority of cases, the ideal is not to overload your complexion with mattifying products. The color that goes best with your hair will always remain your natural skin color. 

Be aware that in general the skin of redheads is fragile, so it is advisable to protect your skin well on a daily basis, particularly from the sun's UV rays. Moisturize your skin every day with a moisturizer and protect it by using sunscreen. 

The best is to opt for a BB cream lightly tinted to match the color of your skin tone. This will allow you to hide your imperfections such as redness, dark circles or small vascularizations, while retaining your freckles and your fair complexion, which will thus become luminous and which will be enhanced by the natural color of your hair. 

Blush side 

If you want to give special attention to certain parts of your face by using blush, choose pink blush which is particularly suitable for redheads. Apply it to the cheekbones, being careful not to hide your freckles. Also be careful not to apply too much, as the excess material will be easily noticeable and will spoil the beauty of your pale, translucent complexion. 

How to enhance your eyes when you're a redhead? 

The rule is always the same, in order to opt for effective eye makeup, it is essential to know your iris color. For successful eye makeup, consider applying a primer to your eyelids before applying your eye shadow. This will help your makeup hold more easily. Here are some tips for matching your makeup to the color of your eyes .


Clear eyes 

When you have light eyes (green or blue), it is preferable to favor copper, orange or brown shades. The gold color can also enhance your look by highlighting the reflections of your beautiful hair. 

Eyes with dark irises 

If you have darker eyes, choose green (khaki, olive) or bluish (turquoise, purple, plum) shades. It will go beautifully with the color of your hair. 

Party makeup with guaranteed results 

For successful party makeup, opt without hesitation for smokey smoky eyes. It will highlight your eyes and bring modernity to your look. To achieve this, consider opting for copper tones which will also highlight the color of your beautiful red hair. Here are some key steps to do it well: 

1 - Apply a base to facilitate the application of eyeshadow. It is possible to use your foundation. 

2- Choose at least 3 shades to create a gradient. Black can absolutely suit redheads. 

3- Create your smoky eyes by taking the time to blur the different shades for a smoky effect that will intensify the strength of your eyes. 

Take care of your eyebrows when you are a redhead 

Eyebrows are of course very important in a look. For sublimated eyebrows, first choose the right color of your eyebrow pencil . It should be as close as possible to your natural color. Fill in the gaps by making small strokes and lengthen the head or tail of your eyebrows if necessary to make the natural line of your eyebrows more harmonious. 

You can add light eyeshadow under your brow bone to strengthen your eyebrow line and brighten your eyes. 

Finally, remember to perfect your makeup by drawing a line of eyeliner and putting on black mascara for an intense look on all occasions. 

If your red is not natural, also consider coloring your eyebrows for better harmony and a more natural result! 

Tips for highlighting your lips when you have red hair 

Red hair allows for a wide choice of shades when it comes to lipstick. You can opt for an intense and glamorous red, a fuchsia pink or choose a coral nude lipstick for a make-up with a more natural effect.

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