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Article: 5 tips for perfectly made-up lips

5 tips for perfectly made-up lips

How to do makeup correctly his lips ? Discover 5 tips easy to make For have lips sublimated in all seasons .  

The mouth is a part of our face that makes all the difference. This is why applying makeup well is essential. But, above all, you must take care of them to avoid at all costs the inconvenience caused by chapped and damaged lips. 

Taking care of your lips every day 

Like any other part of our body, the skin of your lips is fragile. In winter with the cold or in summer with extreme heat, our skin tends to dry out and become damaged. Your lips become chapped and may even hurt. This is why it is important to hydrate them daily. Indeed, it is essential to protect the natural hydrolipidic film of your lips by hydrating them. 

For a 100% natural solution, it is possible to opt for fatty substances such as shea butter, honey or olive oil which can also be good natural ingredients for moisturizing your lips on a daily basis. 

The scrub for soft and perfectly smooth lips 

To make your lips look perfect, consider exfoliation. This is a scrub technique adapted to the lips which allows you to remove all dead skin and to have lips that are always soft and perfectly smooth. 

A lip scrub can be done once a week. You can opt for a store-bought solution or make your own lip exfoliation recipe with basic ingredients you probably have at home. Here is our recipe for soft and sublime lips: 

  1. Mix a little sugar and lemon. Apply the mixture to your lips using small circular movements with your finger. This will remove dead skin and any impurities present on your lips.  
  2. Rinse with clean water.  
  3. Apply a thin layer of honey to your lips which you can leave on for at least thirty minutes. Finally, rinse gently and finish by applying your usual lip balm.  

The essential accessories to make up your lips 

Just like for eyebrow makeup , several essential accessories are a must-have to enhance your lips every day: 

  • Foundation: it can be applied as a base on your lips before lipstick for better fixation of your make-up.  
  • Lip liner: essential for creating precise, smudge-free contours, the lip liner must be the same color as your lipstick. Little tip: always start by outlining your lips with the pencil before applying your lipstick.  
  • The little handkerchief: once the lipstick is applied, remember to pinch a tissue with your lips. This will remove excess material that could color your teeth and spoil your makeup.  
  • Mattifying powder: this powder will add extra shine to your makeup and act as a fixative for long-lasting hold. Little tip: it is advisable to apply it delicately with a brush.  

Choosing the right color for your lipstick 

Choosing the right color for your lipstick is essential. The first parameter to take into account is of course the harmony of the colors with your entire makeup. For example, if you have already intensified your eyes, there is no point also enhancing your mouth at the risk of overdoing it. 

The second parameter to take into account is the natural color of your lips. If the latter are naturally light, choose beige, light pink or coral shades. On the other hand, if your lips are darker, you can opt for more pronounced colors such as brown, dark pink or even plum or garnet. 

Note that the intense and glamorous red lip will generally suit everyone, it is a classic look and a safe and timeless value which is always at the top of the trend. 

If you want a result that lasts, also consider permanent makeup which allows you to keep your lips beautifully made up in all circumstances! 

Tips to adopt to enhance your lips 

Here are some tips to follow to enhance your lips in all their forms: 

  • Makeup for thin lips for a fuller lip effect: to give more volume to your thin lips, opt for luminous shades. After applying your lipstick, you can add a hint of gloss in the center. This will have a plumping effect thanks to the color gradient which will be accentuated by the shine of the gloss.  
  • Makeup for thick and plump lips: your lips are already naturally plump, so there is no point in further accentuating your natural assets. So favor nude or dark shades.  

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