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Article: Why reshape your eyebrows?

Why reshape your eyebrows?

Eyebrow lines correctly redesigned will sublimate your look and allow even to hide some of your little ones imperfections . Quickly discover everything you need to know about eyebrow restructuring .  

Eyebrows naturally frame your eyes. This is why their shape will directly influence the intensity of your gaze. Even if beauty standards exist on the line that our eyebrows should follow, it is important to adapt these rules to the shape of your face. 


The importance of a beautiful eyebrow line 

Well-redesigned eyebrows help hide your small flaws and harmonize the features of your face. In general, beauticians use the 3-point rule and the 2/3-1/3 rule to enhance your look. The 3 point rule corresponds to the 3 key markings of your eyebrow line, namely: 

  • The head of the eyebrow: it should be located on the right which passes by the external bridge of your nose and the internal corner of your eye.  
  • The arch of the eyebrow: this point corresponds to the arc drawn by your eyebrow, it should normally be located on the line passing through the external bridge of your nose and the center of your eye. The distance between the head of your eyebrow and this point should normally be 2/3 of the length of your eyebrow.  
  • The tail of the eyebrow: The eyebrow should stop at the point on the right that passes through the outer bridge of your nose and the outer corner of your eye. The distance from the arch to the tail of the eyebrow should be approximately 1/3 of the total length of your eyebrow.  


Eyebrow restructuring: what is it? 

Eyebrow restructuring allows you to correct certain flaws in your face by readjusting your eyebrow line depending in particular on the shape of your face or the shape of your eyebrows themselves, in the case of eyebrow asymmetry for example. 

For example, women who have a round face can opt for a shorter eyebrow shape with a marked brow bone, in order to lengthen the face vertically. On the contrary, for women who have a squarer face, it will be necessary to rework the eyebrows to reduce the effect of the arch to make them rounder and thus round out all of the facial features. 


How does this technique work? 

Eyebrow restructuring is carried out in an institute in several key stages: 

  1. Makeup removal: the beautician begins by completely removing makeup from your eyebrow area so she can see the natural state of your brow bone line.
  2. The diagnostic stage of the professional beautician: the beautician will take the time to see with her client what her wishes are in terms of aesthetics (natural effect, marked arches, etc.). The beautician will then offer specific marking to the client based on the morphology of her face.
  3. Hair removal with tweezers: the beautician will then pluck your eyebrows with tweezers for a highly precise result. This eyebrow treatment can last between 20 to 30 minutes maximum.
  4. Makeup step: to reduce certain defects or intensify your look, the beautician can use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps in the case of sparse or asymmetrical eyebrows.

A little advice, for your eyebrow restructuring to be completely successful, it is advisable to let your eyebrows grow naturally for at least a month, so that the professional beautician can have material to rework and restructure the line of your eyebrows more easily. eyebrows. 


Why is it better to go to a beauty salon to reshape your eyebrows? 

It is of course possible to reshape your eyebrows yourself, but this can be a perilous undertaking, especially if it is a first for you. The first few times, it is better to go to a professional beauty salon.


Take time for yourself 

An eyebrow restructuring session lasts approximately half an hour. An easy amount of time to fit into your schedule to enhance your eyes and finally take some time for yourself. 

A guaranteed result 

Eyebrow restructuring is not just hair removal. It aims to harmonize your eyebrow lines and make your facial features more harmonious. This is why it is important to leave this task to a competent person who will be able to put all their know-how to work to beautify your eyes. 

Get professional advice for your daily make-up 

This salon session can be the ideal opportunity to pick up makeup tips that will allow you to enhance your look every day. Such as tips for using your eyebrow pencil properly , knowing how to better use your eye shadow to widen your eyes, or better using your highlighter to illuminate and intensify the natural color of your eyes. 

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