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Article: How to properly apply eyeshadow?

How to properly apply eyeshadow?

For sublimate your look , eyeshadow is an accessory essential make -up. It colors and brightens your eyes in order to put them subtly highlighted . But , what are the techniques to use For be sure of the result ?  

If he East logical to choose your eye shadow according to the color of your irises , it you should know that the shape of your eyes East also an element to take into account . Techniques applications , games shadow and light , here are the tips essential for eyes sublimated and an intense look .  

Which tool should you use to apply your eye shadow? 

How to apply eye makeup ? With the finger or the brush? It depends on the desired result and your habits. Both can be effective. You choose ! 


Many women and even some professional makeup artists use their fingers to apply their eye shadow. The advantage of the finger is that you can play more easily with textures. A tip is to choose one finger to apply light shades and another to apply darker shades. When you want to create gradients, you can even choose a third which you will use to blur and blend excess powder or cream (depending on the texture of your eyeshadow). 

The brushes 

You can also use brushes. The ideal is to have several: 

  • A flat shading brush for applying eye shadow.  
  • A ball brush for blurring or creating gradients.  
  • A flat, beveled brush to draw a more precise lash line.  

On the other hand, if you use a brush, remember to clean it regularly. First of all, not to mix colors, but also from a purely hygienic point of view. 

What technique should you use depending on the shape of your eyes? 

Depending on the shape of your eyes, you will have to skillfully play between dark shades and lighter shades, in order to restructure your look in a harmonious way. For a sublime look, also remember to take care of your eyebrow makeup ! 

Almond eyes 

Almond-shaped eyes are among the easiest to make up because they don't really have any flaws. You just need to highlight them. To do this, apply a light eye shadow under the brow bone to accentuate the line of your eyebrows, without forgetting the inner corner of the eye to enlarge and brighten your eyes. Then, with a darker eyeshadow, rework the outer corner of the eye going to the hollows of your eye sockets. You can then finalize everything by drawing a line of eyeliner along the upper lash. 

Round eyes 

When you have round eyes, the goal is to stretch the look to give a slightly almond shape. The easiest way to achieve this result is to use 3 gradient shades. The lightest one will be applied in the inner corner of the eye and under the brow bone to widen the look. Then, the intermediate shade will be applied to the middle of the eyelid. You can even spill over a little to the outer and inner corners of your eye. Finally, last step, with the darkest shade, stretch your eyes by highlighting the outer corner of your upper and lower eyelid for a doe eye effect. 


Sunken eyes 

This type of look is characterized by a fixed eyelid that falls slightly on your mobile eyelid. It is therefore important in this case to illuminate and open your eyes. You can first use the concealer before applying your eye shadow. Then, favor light shades on the inner corner of the eye. Darker shades will be reserved for the fixed eyelid while stretching your gaze to the outer corner of your eye. To finalize your make-up, you can use a white pencil inside the eye. 


Little eyes 

If you have small eyes, you will need to avoid shades that are too dark, as well as kohl inside the eye. Opt more for light shades. However, you can use darker shades on the lower and upper lash line to stretch and lengthen your look. 


Droopy eyes 

You can easily use makeup to rebalance the horizontal line of drooping eyes, which can make your face look sad and tired. To do this, use a light-colored eyeshadow, which you will apply under your brow bone and on the inner corner of the eye, then opt for darker shades on the outer corners. 

If you are not very comfortable with applying eyeliner or lash line, permanent makeup can be a good solution to avoid having to do this every day!

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