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Article: Pink October: why do we lose our eyebrows and hair after chemotherapy?

Pink October: why do we lose our eyebrows and hair after chemotherapy?

Following chemotherapy, it is common to lose your hair and eyebrows. Fortunately, there are several tips for restructuring your eyes and regaining a radiant complexion.

Pink October

The month of October is marked each year by the “Pink October” action. This is an awareness campaign that aims to promote breast cancer screening and raise funds for research. Cancer is unfortunately a still-present disease, which often has serious consequences for the patient . Loss of hair and eyebrows is one of the most visible effects. But, what actions can help patients reshape their eyes after this type of treatment? Discover makeup tips that are easy to do alone to find a harmonious face full of vitality.

Why do we lose our hair and eyebrows following chemotherapy?

Loss of hair and eyebrows is also known as alopecia . It usually occurs after chemotherapy , despite certain actions attempted to curb the harmful effects of treatments, such as wearing a refrigerated helmet during the chemotherapy session.

Causes of hair and eyebrow alopecia

Chemotherapy is an invasive treatment that aims to prevent cell division of cancer cells. The problem is that the product used does not differentiate between your cells and tumor cells . As a result, all cells will suffer from this treatment and, even more so, cells that have significant cell division, as is the case with the cells of our hair bulbs.

This is why the cells in our hair fibers are severely affected during chemotherapy.

What makeup tips to reshape your eyes after your eyebrows have fallen?

Whether during treatments or after, makeup can absolutely be used on your skin to reshape your eyebrows . However, be sure to choose quality makeup from recognized brands.

How to choose the right color for your eyebrow pencil?

For a natural effect, it is best to choose a shade of eyebrow pencil similar to the natural color of your hair , or slightly darker. This will allow you to accentuate your eyes while enjoying a natural and harmonious look.

What techniques should you use to reshape your eyebrows?

To restructure your eyebrow arches in a harmonious manner, take the following three points as guidelines:

  • The head of your eyebrows : This should start at the line that passes through the outer bridge of your nose and the inner corner of your eye.
  • The Body of the Eyebrow : Often arched, the natural arch of an eyebrow is usually found on the imaginary line that passes through the bridge of the nose and the center of your eye.
  • The tail of the eyebrow : it should ideally stop at the point of intersection between your eyebrow and the line which passes through the bridge of your nose and the outer corner of your eye.

Once these 3 points are well determined, trace the contours of your eyebrows delicately with a pencil. Then, fill in this area by drawing small lines , which will resemble your natural hairs, for a less artificial effect.

Also remember to take care of your complexion . Indeed, chemotherapy can have the effect of dulling your skin and making you look paler. Do not hesitate to enhance the color of your skin with a foundation adapted to the color of your complexion. Apply blush to your cheekbones. And, add highlighter to the inner corner of your eye and below your brow line .

How to overcome eyebrow alopecia in a more lasting way?

After eyebrow alopecia, even if the eyebrows grow back, your eyebrows may still remain sparse and less thick than before chemotherapy. Makeup is, of course, a good alternative to redraw and accentuate the lines of your eyebrows . However, wearing makeup every day can be restrictive for some women. Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you find a more sustainable solution.

Permanent makeup: a sustainable alternative

This technique, similar to tattoos, uses pigments that will penetrate the superficial layers of your epidermis. This alternative allows makeup to be kept intact for a long time , for several months or years, and is very effective in thickening sparse eyebrows . Despite the fact that chemotherapy weakens the skin, opting for eyebrow dermopigmentation can be an option to consider. Medical advice is of course necessary before starting.

Treatments to promote eyebrow growth

If your eyebrows are weakened, you can encourage and promote their growth using serums and other care products . For this, our Revitabrow revitalizing treatment is ideal: it nourishes and strengthens your eyebrows , helping them to fight against external aggressions.

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