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Article: How to apply makeup to your lips according to their shape? Lip tips and types

How to apply makeup to your lips according to their shape? Lip tips and types

Lips are an essential part of our face. They embody sensuality and femininity in their purest form. It is therefore important to take care of them and know how to enhance them whatever their shape.

It doesn't matter what shape of lips you have, the main thing is to know how to highlight them to beautify your face and enjoy harmonious makeup in all circumstances. But, how to identify the shape of your lips ? And, what techniques should you adopt to enhance them? Discover easy-to-do tips for glowing, vibrant lips .

How to identify the shape of your lips?

To more easily identify the shape that characterizes your lips , place yourself with your lips closed in front of a mirror and observe the natural shape drawn by your mouth . Although there are as many lip shapes as there are faces, lips can be grouped according to certain shape characteristics. We can thus distinguish:

  • thin lips
  • luscious and plump lips
  • asymmetrical lips
  • lips with a more or less well defined cupid's bow
  • sagging lips

What makeup should you choose based on the shape of your lips?

Depending on the shape of your lips, make-up tips allow you to redraw the natural lines of your mouth to your advantage, and enhance them for 100% trendy makeup .

Thin lips: how to increase volume?

When you have thin lips , you should try to make your mouth more voluminous . In this, makeup can be a great ally. Here, moreover, are the steps to follow to increase the volume of your lips:

  1. Use a lip liner in the color of the lipstick you are going to use.
  2. Reshape the outline of your lips by slightly increasing it by one millimeter at each end. This will have the effect of lengthening your mouth and making it more voluminous.
  3. Next, fill in the inside of your lips with the lipstick of your choice. Preferably avoiding dark shades which tend to refine the lips.
  4. Finally, apply a light gloss to the center of your lips to further increase volume.

Other thin lip makeup techniques exist, notably with the permanent makeup solution.

Luscious and fleshy lips: make-up tips to highlight them

For luscious and thick lips , there is no point in overdoing it. A red lipstick to highlight your natural volume is enough in itself. If you want to focus everything on your eyes, then preferably opt for a lipstick with nude tones, which is more discreet.

Asymmetrical or drooping lips: how to correct our little imperfections?

If you find that your lips are not quite the same thickness or that they have a slight asymmetry , or even that they are drooping, make-up can help you correct your small flaws . The ideal is to use a lip liner on a closed mouth. Correct your imperfections with the pencil. Then, apply your lipstick. Finally, you can also refine the detail of the contours of your lips by using a foundation identical to the color of your skin tone. The result is often stunning and very successful.

Permanent lip makeup: for whom?

Are you satisfied with the result that makeup allows you to achieve, but would you like to find a solution so you don't have to wear makeup every day ? Then permanent lip makeup is for you! Indeed, this technique using pigments allows you to reshape the contour of your lips and color the inside, for luscious and carefully redesigned lips. Depending on the technique used, the result can be natural or more sophisticated . Note that permanent lip makeup is especially recommended for women with thin or asymmetrical lips .

What beauty routines to take care of your lips?

You should know that make-up, whether it is permanent makeup or not, alone cannot replace a moisturizing care routine for your lips . In fact, the skin on your mouth needs daily care to stay healthy and maintain all its elasticity .

Drink enough

Hydrating yourself correctly is essential to promote hydration in your skin and your body. Scientists and doctors recommend drinking at least one and a half liters of water per day.

Protect yourself from the sun

The sun's UV rays can be harmful to the skin , especially the skin on your lips. Indeed, our labial tissue is quite fragile. It is therefore important to protect your lips from the sun and the cold to prevent them from cracking and drying out.

Exfoliate regularly

To strengthen the elasticity of the skin on your lips, exfoliate regularly . This will remove dead skin and keep the shine and luster of your lips intact.

Moisturize your lips daily

Use a nourishing balm on your lips every day. This will nourish them and allow them to be properly hydrated. Namely, there are lip balms offering both sun protection and nourishing action to best care for your lips.

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