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Article: Henna for eyebrows: good or bad idea?

Henna for eyebrows: good or bad idea?

Henna has been used for millennia across the world to strengthen hair and color skin. But henna would also have another equally effective use by reviving the natural color of the eyebrows.

henna eyebrows

Henna is a shrub that grows naturally in Africa and Asia. These benefits are known to coat the hair and strengthen it . But, could this plant also be beneficial for our eyebrows ? Discover the benefits of henna for eyebrows and how to use it properly.

What is eyebrow henna?

Henna for eyebrows is a plant-based eyebrow coloring , which attaches both to your hair and to your skin. This is why it is particularly effective in giving the illusion of fuller eyebrows . Its action colors your hair by attaching to the outside of your hair fibers and hairs , like most plant-based dyes, and not by attaching to the inside as is the case for chemical dyes.

Henna for eyebrows: for whom?

This type of henna is particularly suitable for people who have sensitive skin and who cannot tolerate chemical dyes . This plant-based coloring gives very good results in particular with people who have fairly full eyebrows , and who use it mainly to intensify their natural eyebrow color . It is therefore a good alternative to permanent makeup .

Indeed, for people with very sparse eyebrows , eyebrow henna will not necessarily be very effective, because its tint attaches mainly to the hairs of your eyebrows and less to your skin. This means that after just a few days, a change in color may already be visible. And, you will certainly have to correct your eyebrows with pencil for a more harmonious result.

How to use henna for eyebrows?

Eyebrow henna is easy to use. It only requires basic equipment: a brush and a container for mixing.

Steps to tinting your eyebrows with henna

Here are the steps to follow for guaranteed results:

Shampoo and preliminary scrub of your eyebrows

To make the henna stick better to your skin, shampoo your eyebrows and lightly exfoliate to remove any leftover makeup and remove dead skin.

Prepare the henna paste

Read the instructions for your eyebrow henna kit carefully, in order to use the right proportions of powder and water . Put the indicated amount of powder in a container. Then, add the corresponding quantity of water and mix until you obtain a homogeneous and smooth paste. The thicker it is, the stronger and more intense the color will be . It's up to you to judge according to the desired end result.

Apply henna to your eyebrows

Using a fine brush, apply henna to your eyebrows . You can use a cotton swab to fine-tune the details and correct your outline.

The exposure time

Let your henna dry for at least 10 minutes , or more, depending on the type of product used. Namely, the longer the exposure time, the more likely the color will be accentuated.

Final step: removing henna from your eyebrows

Finally, once the application time has elapsed, lightly moisten a cotton pad and gently remove the henna from your eyebrows until it is completely removed.

Henna Brow in institute

For a neat and intense result , you can also go to one of our institutes for a Henna Brow . This technique colors both the hair and the skin , for an ultra-trendy and neat result! Thanks to unrivaled know-how, our technicians can create tailor-made blends and shades , work with very natural shading and relief , to enhance your eyebrows and give depth to your eyes. Henne Brow can be combined with eyebrow restructuring , for an even more incredible effect!

What interests and advantages does henna for eyebrows offer?

Henna for eyebrows offers many advantages , both in terms of its more natural appearance and its final result which remains visible over time.

A more natural and non-invasive alternative

Henna powder is better tolerated by most organisms , compared to the chemical dyes used in the majority of colorings. This is a good alternative if you have sensitive skin.

A sustainable solution

Eyebrow henna may be visible for 2 to 4 weeks on your eyebrow area. This duration also depends on your skin type. Note that on more fragile skin, henna may be less effective, because the skin tends to develop scales and eliminate henna from the epidermis more quickly.

Many shades available

Another significant advantage of henna for eyebrows is the breadth of the palette of shades offered . From blonde to brown, almost all shades are available to guarantee you a natural result adapted to your needs .

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