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Article: Halloween costume duo: makeup trends!

Halloween costume duo: makeup trends!

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to wear the most extravagant costumes and makeup. Discover without further delay the latest makeup trends for a 100% successful Halloween duo makeup.


Duo costumes for Halloween are becoming more and more trendy. As a couple, with family or friends, dare to wear the most spectacular duo costumes . Couple of vampires, Egyptian mummies, psychopathic clowns, bloody harlequins, are all ultra trendy ideas for this year 2023. But, what makeup should you use for a guaranteed spectral look? Discover easy tips and tricks to be terrifying this Halloween night.

Día de los muertos version of skeleton makeup

The skull inspired by the Mexican holiday Día de los muertos is very fashionable at the moment. To achieve it, it is important to color your complexion with an opaque white which will completely hide the natural complexion of your face. The white color will allow you to better bring out the skull patterns in your make-up. This type of fairly oily foundation can be applied directly with your fingers or with a fairly large brush. Then, using a thick black grease pencil, draw the patterns of your choice .

Generally, the eye area is greatly accentuated to give the effect of the Mexican Calavera. At the level of the nose and mouth, it is also important to reproduce graphics (teeth, nasal slits, etc.).

Finally, to give a more festive look , add flowers and other colorful floral designs to your makeup.

The zombie effect

Dressing up as a zombie for Halloween remains a wise choice that always has an effect. But how best to achieve this type of makeup? Here are the steps to follow:

Pale your complexion

Without completely whitening your face, the important thing is that it appears paler to give it a translucent appearance. To do this, you can use a white foundation or a very light foundation in small doses. For an even more visible effect, you can also lightly whiten your hair using a white colored hairspray.

Darken your gaze

If in general, we try to hide our dark circles, for zombie makeup, it's quite the opposite. Conversely, we will darken his eyes by particularly accentuating the contour of his eyes with a smoky black. It is not necessary to redo your eyebrows or only very finely, this way it will highlight your eyes more. For a successful zombie makeup, lipstick is not necessary either , because we are looking to maintain a minimally colored face.

Add colored lenses

For an even more terrifying result, you can also add colored lenses (white, yellow or red depending on the color of your costume). Fake blood stains and wounds in the form of stickers can also be added to make your costume even more realistic.

Bloody harlequin makeup

For this type of make-up, you will need to focus on colors and contrasts . Here are some foolproof tips for achieving successful harlequin makeup:

  1. Whiten your complexion : The color white will indeed highlight the other colors and intensify the play of contrasts.
  2. Accentuate your eyes : with a black eyebrow pencil , highlight the shape of your eyes and give free rein to your imagination. You can draw geometric shapes, or even add red eye shadow.
  3. Play with colors : Don't hesitate to use the color red to make up your nose and mouth. Stretch the shape of your lips and add flecks of fake blood for an even more demonic look. Little tip, you can even accentuate the color contrasts even more by coloring your hair red and black.

Vampire makeup

Vampires and witches are the unmistakable characters of Halloween. You can also consider a vampire duo as a couple, or a mother-daughter witch duo , which is very fashionable at the moment. To achieve a successful make-up, here are some tips to follow:

Refine your complexion

Unlike most other Halloween makeup, vampire or witch makeup does not necessarily require you to lighten your complexion . You can therefore maintain your natural complexion. Still apply your usual foundation . This will even out your complexion and dispel any dark circles and other imperfections.

Intensify your look

Vampire makeup is often characterized by an intense black look . You can opt for smoky-eye for a smoky effect, or draw a simple line of eyeliner to enhance your look. The ideal is to complete your eye makeup with a natural eyelash extension , which will increase the natural volume of your eyelashes for a guaranteed femme fatale effect.

Feminize your lips

Whether you have opted for the witch or vampire costume, don't forget to highlight all your assets by enhancing your lips . You can use a deep red or a darker color, like garnet .

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