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Article: How to have a beautiful beard?

How to have a beautiful beard?

Still very trendy, beards are being worn more and more today. At 20 or 60, you can take care of your appearance and be very elegant with a pretty, well-trimmed beard. Are you wondering how to have a beautiful beard? Discover all our tips and tricks! 

World Beard Day , September 4, is an opportunity to celebrate this increasingly widespread trend. Nowadays, many men have beards. Short beard or hipster beard , everyone can find the style that suits them. However, growing facial hair is not enough. For a neat and refined style, you should maintain your beard ! What are the right gestures and best practices to have a beautiful beard? We will explain everything to you ! 

How to properly maintain your beard? 

You will have understood, growing a beard is not everything! It is imperative to take care of it, and this involves numerous actions on a daily basis. 

First of all, to have a beautiful beard, beautiful eyebrows or beautiful hair, you must have a healthy and balanced diet , as well as a good lifestyle. And, speaking of hygiene, it is equally imperative to clean your beard daily . Just like hair, beard hair can be cleaned. You can do this every day by washing your face. Suitable products and soaps exist to gently clean your beard. 

Then, don't forget to regularly moisturize your beard . Indeed, your facial hair needs to be nourished and hydrated to remain beautiful, shiny and silky. For this, you can use beard oils or even beard creams. Specially designed to take care of hair, these products moisturize, nourish and beautify the beard. 

Finally, having a beautiful beard also requires regular trimming . If you have a short beard or stubble, it is especially important to trim it regularly. Indeed, a beautiful short beard has clean and precise contours ! 

If you are more of the hipster style, with a long, full beard, you will need to have a beard trimmer to maintain it and give it the shape of your choice. The longer you let your beard grow, the less you will have to trim it... Although a little trimming is necessary from time to time to take care of your look ! 

In any case, regardless of your beard style and its length, it is important to equip yourself with a few essentials. Our eyebrow and beard kit is ideal since it contains the essentials for taking care of your beard, but also your eyebrows. And yes, you can have a beautiful beard and beautiful eyebrows ! 


What is a beautiful beard? 

Before discussing good habits to have a beautiful beard , it is important to define what a beautiful beard is! First of all, the beard is something quite personal. Some will like it short, while others will want it long and full. There are no rules about this, the main thing is to find a beard style that suits you . 

However, this is only the first step! Indeed, a beard needs to be maintained. A beautiful beard means silky, disciplined and well-trimmed hair . Conversely, unkempt facial hair can make you look tired , or even look unkempt and dirty. And we generally prefer to avoid that! 


Beyond the aesthetic aspect, a well-groomed beard is also much more comfortable and pleasant to wear. This avoids feelings of tightness, dry skin or overly dry hair that “itches”. 

Eyebrow waxing for men 

Often associated with women, eyebrow waxing is also done for men . Indeed, why take care of your beard, but not your eyebrows? Although it is obvious that a man's eyebrows are not waxed in the same way as a woman's, it is possible (and even recommended) to perform eyebrow waxing from time to time. This avoids the unibrow , which is easy to see appear when you have strong facial hair, and it helps to emphasize the look . Indeed, properly plucked eyebrows highlight facial features and bring out the eyes. 


Thus, plucked eyebrows and a trimmed and well-maintained beard are completely complementary and will allow you to have a well-groomed look. Indeed, taking care of yourself is important to feel good and gain confidence. Without forgetting that men's eyebrow waxing carried out in an institute is the ideal opportunity to unwind, relax and treat yourself to a moment just for yourself! 

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