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Article: Eyebrow makeup trends for back to school 2022

Eyebrow makeup trends for back to school 2022

After the famous fashion week Week that had place beginning July , news trends of this back to school 2022 are revealed little by little and the eyebrows born are not to be outdone! Between innovation and resumption of old ones trends , fashion of this back to school announces itself creative and original .  

How to prepare well for the start of the school year and be at the forefront of fashion? As you know, makeup trends change regularly... So, here are the must-have makeup looks of the moment! 

BrowUp: the new trend of the moment 

Today, we love thick, voluminous eyebrows . Brow Lamination is a new technique which involves laying the hairs of your eyebrows upwards. This has the advantage of giving them more relief and making them appear more voluminous. This process is ideal for people with receding eyebrows. Still little known in France, this eyebrow restructuring technique is carried out in institutes using a specific serum which straightens the eyebrows. 

Fluffy eyebrows and natural eyebrows in force for the start of the school year 

This type of eyebrow advocates effortless par excellence. They are just brushed and voila! Natural eyebrows are also very popular in recent months. However, to enhance your eyes, it is better to enhance them with a little make-up touch. 

Indeed, the basis for eyebrows with a guaranteed natural effect is to draw them well. If you don't have good eyebrow foundations, it's better to help yourself with a few makeup tips. To do this, you can use a pencil and fill in the gaps in your eyebrows (redraw the head of your eyebrows in the case of eyebrows that are too far apart, lengthen the tail of your eyebrows in the case of eyebrows that are too short, etc.). Also remember to apply a light pencil or a touch of concealer under the natural line of your eyebrows for a guaranteed intense look effect ! 


Feather brows: originality in its purest form 

The Feather Brows technique will surprise more than one person. In fact, this involves separating your eyebrow into two parts to make a part in the middle of your eyebrow and brushing on each side for a bird's feather effect. Everything is of course fixed with a gel and will give more volume to your eyebrows . Feather brows also exist without a middle part. This rather original technique was born from social networks and is creating a real buzz this summer. 


Bleached eyebrow: the trendy eyebrow scrub 

Bleached eyebrows are a technique that aims to erase the eyebrows to make them almost invisible. This new trend is very fashionable at the moment. Models wear it with grace and even if it has not yet completely become a common practice, the bleached eyebrow is starting to appear in our daily lives. 

To achieve it, you can either use covering makeup, the color of your skin (foundation) or even bleach your eyebrows for a long-lasting bleached eyebrow effect . Of course, it is forbidden to completely pluck your eyebrows , because they would have difficulty growing back correctly after such eyebrow waxing . 

Colorful eyebrows: dare to be creative! 

The fashion is for flashy and extravagance: graphic makeup, colored eyeliner, etc. Therefore, coloring your eyebrows is not excluded, quite the contrary! The fashion for colored eyebrows is currently very widespread. Yellow, red, blue, any color can do the trick. The ideal is to opt for a temporary coloring to enjoy it during a party. 

Fox brows 

Fox brows is an eyebrow makeup technique that gives a more youthful look . The principle of Fox brows is to stretch the tail of your eyebrow at the temple and take a specific adhesive tape to reshape the features of your face. The goal is to bring the eyebrows upwards. This technique is increasingly popular with women today and is poised to become the next fashion trend of the moment. 

The skinny brow: back in the 90s 

The purpose of skinny brows is to pluck your eyebrows very finely . This technique was very fashionable in the 90s. It is making a comeback today. A tip for achieving skinny eyebrows without removing permanent hair is to first use a covering makeup such as concealer on the lower part of your eyebrow. Then, if this type of eyebrow suits you, you can then move on to tweezing . But, it is nevertheless preferable to go to a beauty salon at least for the first time, so that the line of your eyebrows is correctly created. 

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