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Article: How to achieve eyeliner?

How to achieve eyeliner?

The line of eyeliner enhances a look . He enlarges it and makes it immediately more intense. But he East Unfortunately difficult to achieve correctly . However , tips exist For succeed on your eyeliner line and sublimate your look in no time . Quickly discover everything that need to know to make a line eyeliner Perfect !  

Ah, eyeliner! A very simple gesture for some, a real challenge for others... We have all spent hours in front of a mirror, trying to correctly draw this pretty line. To make your life easier, here are some tips for getting your eyeliner right every time! 


Tips for creating perfect eyeliner 

Here are several steps for a sublime eyeliner line: 

  1. Be sure to curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler.  
  2. Apply your usual mascara.  
  3. For optimal results, you can add an eyelid primer. This will help set your eyeliner more.  
  4. Start tracing the tip of the eyeliner by starting your line on the outer corner of the eye.  
  5. Then extend your line to the inner corner of the eye, trying to make the line as straight as possible.  


If you are not comfortable with the outline of your eyeliner, you can use tape or help yourself with a pencil or spoon that you have on hand. These utensils will help you create your outline so that it is precise and harmonious. In addition, the roundness of the spoon can even help you draw the curve of your eyeliner well. 

Finally, another tip, choose a gel or cream makeup pen . They are generally easier to apply and last longer. 


The different styles of eyeliner 

There are different types of lines, more or less pronounced, it's up to you to determine the style that best suits your look: 

  • The basic: This is a simple and fairly thin line on the edge of the eyelash.  
  • The Pin'up: This is the most common layout. It is a little thicker than the basic and ends on the outer edge of the eye with a comma going towards the tail of your eyebrow.  
  • The Double Flick: It has the same characteristics as the Pin'up eyeliner but you will need to draw two superimposed commas above the outer corner of your eye. This line is often used in graphic makeup.  
  • Luxe: The luxury line is a busier eyeliner that encompasses the entire eye.  
  • Egyptian: This line is also used in graphic makeup techniques. It encompasses the entire circumference of the eye and follows the outline of a double Flick but reversed, with two commas on the lower eyelid. This route is also a sensation for the holidays!  

There are of course a multitude of other routes. It is also possible to dare to use colored eyeliner. It is particularly suitable for people with rather dark eyes, but is also ideal for celebrations of all kinds (festivals, festive evenings, birthdays, weddings, etc.). 


How to draw your eyeliner according to the shape of your eyes? 

Depending on the shape of your eyes, it may be interesting to adapt your eyeliner to enhance and intensify your look: 

  • Round eyes: The ideal is to only start from the last outer third of your eye, then continue the line, in order to give the impression of a more elongated eye.  
  • Small eyes: In this case, it's the opposite, you have to give the illusion that your eye is larger than it appears . To do this, draw a line at the level of the eyelash, but do not insist too much on the comma.  
  • Slanted eyes: favor thick lines to enlarge the eyelid.  
  • Droopy eyelid: Make a thick, short line to try to hide the natural movement of your eyelid.  

Another solution for a perfect eyeliner line: permanent makeup 

Permanent makeup also exists for the eyes! In fact, it is entirely possible to have permanent eyeliner done. 

Permanent eye makeup: what does it consist of? 

Semi-permanent makeup is dermopigmentation that a professional will apply to the superficial layers of your epidermis. A permanent eyeliner is therefore ideal for women who do not want to have to wear makeup every day, but who want to have a sublime look in all circumstances. 

So, you can opt for an eyeliner line as permanent makeup, which will save you from having to redo this line every day. Offered in our institutes, permanent eyeliner guarantees you discreet and perfect eye makeup in all circumstances. Created by professionals, the line will be perfectly drawn and adapted to your look. 

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