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Article: Which color of makeup according to the color of my eyes?

Which color of makeup according to the color of my eyes?

Blue , green , brown , for intensify your look , he East important to opt for the color that will highlight the most the iris of your eyes . But how do you know which color will suit you best ?  

To enhance your look and adopt the best color, the easiest way is to refer to the color wheel and identify which colors complement your iris color. Quickly discover how to apply makeup based on the color of your eyes!  

What color of makeup should you choose based on the color of your eyes? 

Depending on the color of your eyes, certain shades will be favored more than others. Please note, also remember to take into account the color of your complexion. For example, for dark skin, pastel tones will not really be suitable. This is not the case for fair skin for which taupe and iridescent tones are particularly appropriate.  

Make up your blue eyes 

If you have blue eyes, choose eye shadow with orange-yellow tones. Avoid blue or if you really want eye makeup with bluish tints, choose dark blue for a guaranteed intense look effect. Ideally , opt for copper, gold or orange eyeshadow. Brown can also be a good option to enhance your blue eyes.  

Enhance your green eyes 

To highlight green eyes, as with blue eyes, avoid green. Instead, favor orange, red or mauve tones. For eyeshadow, pink, lavender or even copper tones are perfect for highlighting the green color of your eyes. 

Intensify your look when you have brown eyes 

The advantage of brown eyes is that they match all shades. Just avoid colors that are too dark and pastel tones which will not really highlight the brown color of your eyes. On the other hand, when it comes to green, yellow, orange or red colors, you are spoiled for choice, everything will suit you!  

Enhance your gray eyes 

The ideal for gray eyes is to favor makeup with dark shades. You can even dare to wear black without taking too much risk. If you like colors, khaki, purple and plum tones will suit you perfectly. On the other hand, avoid gray tones which could dull your look.  

Highlight your dark eyes 

Black eyes like brown eyes can afford many colors (electric blue, emerald green, pink, purple, copper highlights and many others). However, avoid pastel shades which could give a bland look and lack intensity.  

Other tips to enhance your eyes 

The color of your eyeshadow or eyeliner is not the only way to highlight your eyes. Be careful not to mix the colors too much, however. We avoid using eyeshadow, mascara and colored eyeliner, at the risk of having a result that is a little too messy.  

Finally, the sharpness of the lines of your eyebrows and the volume of your eyelashes can also work miracles when it comes to enhancing your look.  

Redesigned eyebrows for an intense look 

To make your eyes stand out, nothing beats properly plucked eyebrows. For this, it is best to go to a beauty institute at least the first time to draw your eyebrows.  

To intensify your look, a few makeup tips can help you. In fact, you can redraw the lines of your brow bone using an eyebrow pencil by filling in the gaps in sparse areas or by redrawing eyebrows that are too spaced or, on the contrary, too short. An additional make-up tip to enhance your eyes is to apply concealer or a light pencil under your eyebrow, in order to emphasize their natural shape and bring light to your eyes.  

Permanent makeup (microblading or microshading ) can also be an interesting and long-lasting alternative for women who don't have a lot of time to devote to their makeup in the morning.  


Voluminous eyelashes to enhance your look 

Eyelashes frame your eyes and make the look more intense. To make them more voluminous, you can opt for mascara which must be applied every day to clean eyelashes.  

However, if you want a quicker solution, you can choose false eyelashes. This alternative is not permanent and allows you to enjoy greater eyelash volume in no time.  

Finally, if you want a voluminous and long-lasting eyelash effect, you can opt for semi-permanent eyelash makeup (semi-permanent mascara, eyelash enhancement, extension, etc.).  

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