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Article: Youth Day: 5 tips to look younger

Youth Day: 5 tips to look younger

With age , some inconveniences occur like wrinkles , brown spots or Again the effect of the famous eyelid drooping . But do not panic ! Tips make -up exist For counter the effects unpleasant of age and you allow you to stay radiant and beautiful to all age !  

August 12 is International Youth Day. This day is dedicated in particular to all possible initiatives to improve the quality of life of young people, whether in the field of education, access to employment or even health. On this occasion, here is how to wear makeup to look younger! 

Tip #1: Moisturize your skin well 

The older your skin gets, the drier it gets. It is therefore essential to hydrate it well daily. Use moisturizers that match the characteristics of your skin (sensitive, mature, combination, oily skin, etc.). Also remember to protect your skin from the sun by applying sunscreen adapted to the sensitivity of your skin. As a reminder, unprotected and too intense exposure to the sun's UV rays attacks your skin and can ultimately cause premature aging of your epidermis as well as the early appearance of wrinkles on your face. It is therefore strongly recommended to pay particular attention to the hydration of your skin by using the numerous products available on the market (moisturizing creams, hydrating skin serum, etc.). 

Tip #2: Take care of your complexion

The complexion is the base of your make-up. To ensure it is impeccable in all circumstances, it is best to prepare your skin well in advance. In fact, you can perform a quick facial massage every morning to activate blood circulation, paying particular attention to the cheeks, forehead and around your eyes. 

Then, you can apply a primer to hide your small imperfections (fine lines, enlarged pores or redness). 

To avoid too much material, which could have an aging effect, favor tinted BB creams, opting for a shade that matches your skin tone. The advantage of these products is that they are often composed of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid which hydrates and provides tone to your skin and collagen which intensifies the elasticity of your epidermis. 

Finally, for a sublime complexion, don't forget the concealer. Indeed, with age, dark circles can intensify or take on a more purplish hue which can quickly make you look tired. The ideal is therefore to choose a concealer the color of your skin or slightly lighter and apply it to your dark circles. 


Tip #3: Use eye makeup for a sublime look 

The eyes are central elements of your face. It is therefore essential to apply makeup with the greatest care. The ideal is to apply an eye shadow base so that your make-up lasts more easily. Then, for the colors to favor, opt more for anthracite or dark colors without going as far as brown or black which are colors which harden the features of your face and which can age you. 

Don't overload your eyes, go for naturalness. A light eye shadow combined with a line of eyeliner and a mascara to shape your eyelashes will give a sublime and elegant result. 


Tip #4: Draw your eyebrows to harmonize your facial features 

Well-plucked eyebrows are an essential element for a look that appears younger. The ideal is to redraw your eyebrows in an institute . Otherwise, you can also use a few make-up tips to skilfully reshape your eyebrows for an intense and enhanced look. 

Nothing could be simpler, you just need to choose an eyebrow pencil in the color of your eyebrows and fill in the less full areas. In the case of eyebrows that are too far apart, you can delicately redraw the head of your eyebrows or, on the contrary, in the case of eyebrows that are too short, you can lengthen them by redrawing the tail of your eyebrows. 

Another tip is also to apply an eye shadow or a light pencil just under your brow bone, this way the lines of your eyebrows will be enhanced and this intensifies your look for an impeccable effect! 

Tip #5: Dare to wear lipstick at any age! 

There is no age limit for using lipstick. Dare to use colors and even red, if you are comfortable with this shade. This can give a refined and very elegant effect to your look and above all give pep to your make-up. A sparkling and colorful lipstick can even be accompanied by a blush for a guaranteed healthy glow! 

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