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Article: How to correct asymmetrical eyebrows?

How to correct asymmetrical eyebrows?

Eyebrows asymmetrical , hair removal failed , what to do? Fortunately , several alternatives exist For hide cleverly a little imperfection on your face .  

An eyebrow that is longer than the other or thinner can completely deconstruct a face . It is therefore important to find a solution quickly. Indeed, a sublime look is essential and contributes to the natural beauty of a face. Here are some tips for correcting asymmetrical eyebrows ! 

The importance of having well-structured eyebrows 

Symmetrical, thick and well-defined eyebrows are the essential elements for a sublime look and a harmonious face. Generally, all eye care professionals use the three-point rule . These three points delimit the areas that your eyebrow must not exceed so as not to destructure the features of your face. 

The first point corresponds to the head of your eyebrow. It coincides with the straight line that passes through the side bridge of your nose. The second point that draws the highest point of your brow bone corresponds to the line that passes through the bridge of your nose and through the pupil of your eye. Finally, the last point which corresponds to the end of the tail of your eyebrow is materialized by the line which passes through the bridge of your nose and the outer corner of your eye. Together, these three points form the three benchmarks to follow to draw harmonious eyebrows highlighting the features of your face. 

Can you correct your asymmetrical eyebrows yourself? 

Asymmetry of the eyebrows can have several causes: failed hair removal , sparse eyebrows , etc. But, this often results in one eyebrow being thicker or longer than another. But how to make up for it? 

Eyebrows that are too sparse

When one of your eyebrows is thinner, it impacts the harmony of your face. This is why it is important to create an effect of thickness in order to harmonize your eyebrows. It could not be easier ! Simply fill in the gaps in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil . You can draw small hatch marks in the shape of hairs. Remember not to press too hard on the pencil, for a more natural effect. Finally, you can finalize your eyebrow makeup by applying eyebrow mascara . 

Asymmetrical eyebrows: what to do? 

When your two eyebrows do not have the same shape or the same thickness, you need to find a trick to make your two eyebrows look similar again . Several alternatives are then available to you. If you prefer thin eyebrows, take the thinnest eyebrow and thin out the thicker one . If, on the other hand, you prefer thicker eyebrows, use makeup to thicken the thinnest eyebrow. 

The same method can be applied when it comes to the length of your eyebrows. If you find that your eyebrows are too spaced, lightly make up the head of your eyebrows and conversely if your eyebrows are too short, extend the tail of your eyebrow using an eyebrow pencil. 

Finally, consider applying eyebrow mascara to set your makeup and applying a pencil or lighter eye shadow under the eyebrow arch to reshape the shape of your eyebrows and thus enhance your look. 


Why is it better to go to a specialized beauty salon? 

It is actually possible to correct asymmetrical eyebrows yourself . But going to a specialized beauty salon is strongly recommended. 

Take time for yourself 

Going to a beauty salon to be pampered and come out beautiful and radiant is priceless. This time you give yourself is precious. It should in no case be neglected. Taking time for yourself is essential. This allows you to recharge your batteries and rest in complete peace. 

A look enhanced by professional know-how 

Trusting professional beauticians is still less risky than plucking your eyebrows yourself. In fact, the beauticians in beauty salons have received comprehensive training and have all the necessary equipment to guarantee you a result that meets your expectations . In addition, this regular meeting can be an opportunity to glean expert beauty advice and leave with tips to enhance your look in all circumstances. 

The guarantee of an impeccable result 

After failed home hair removal or naturally rebellious eyebrows , it is better to go to a professional beauty salon without delay. A competent beautician will take the time to listen to you and choose with you the best course of action (thinning an eyebrow, makeup advice to restructure your thinning eyebrows, etc.). Once validated by you, the beautician will take care of you for impeccable eyebrow hair removal down to the smallest detail. 

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