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Article: 5 tips for making your makeup last when it’s hot

5 tips for making your makeup last when it’s hot

Summer East is synonymous with high temperatures and swimming at the beach or at the swimming pool . But , how to put on makeup When it's more than 35° C? We explain how to make your makeup stay in spite of the heat !  

Heat has many harmful effects on our make-up: skin that shines, foundation that washes off, mascara that runs due to perspiration, etc. But do not panic ! There are tips to ensure that your makeup lasts even in the hottest summer months. 


Take care of your skin 

The skin needs to be hydrated every day, all year round. But, especially in summer when it's hot. Indeed, summer is certainly the season during which our skin is most attacked (high heat, prolonged exposure to UV rays from the sun and not forgetting sea salt and chlorine from swimming pools). It is therefore essential to take care of your skin every day by applying a moisturizer adapted to your skin type. Also remember to drink well, because good hydration is the basis for healthy, healthy skin. 


Apply a base 

The base is a product that is applied before the foundation. This helps smooth your skin so that your foundation doesn't seep into the creases of your facial skin. This primer tightens pores and skillfully conceals small skin imperfections as well as shiny areas of your face, generally the nose, forehead and chin. 


Take care of your complexion 

The complexion is the basis of makeup. To stay beautiful and luminous, nothing beats a sublime and sunny complexion! In summer, choose tinted BB creams, some are even available in a Waterproof version. 

You can also perfect your complexion by using sun powder for a luminous complexion in all circumstances. Remember to apply it in E starting with the temples, then the eyes and finally the jaw. Mattifying powders are also good allies for reducing the shine effect on your skin, especially on the forehead, nose and chin. 

Also, be wary of using highlighter, as it tends to make areas of the face shine. So, only apply it to areas where you are not likely to sweat, such as the inner corner of the eye for example. Which allows you to widen your eyes. 

Finally, for a long-lasting complexion, you can use a setting mist. However, be sure to apply it at least 30 cm from your face to avoid smudging your makeup. 


Waterproof products 

Waterproof products are the essential makeup accessories for summer. In fact, they are water resistant. No more mascaras that run due to perspiration, Waterproof mascaras actually hold better even in a humid and hot environment. 

Other make-up ranges are also available in Waterproof such as foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, etc. 

You can also opt for eyebrow fixing gel . This formula allows you to hydrate your eyebrows while keeping them in the shape you want. Indeed, all these makeup accessories are essential, they help enhance your look and refine your facial features. 

However, we think about favoring lighter makeup in summer. And to stay beautiful without makeup, we take care of our eyebrows. Indeed, beautiful eyebrows frame the look and highlight your eyes. A light eye makeup will be more than enough to give you a perfect look! 


What about permanent makeup? 

Permanent makeup uses a dermopigmentation technique. This involves introducing pigments into the superficial layers of the skin using a very fine needle. This makeup can last several months without you having to do anything. Only a few touch-ups are necessary after a while. This alternative is therefore very practical in summer. In fact, you no longer need to put on makeup to be impeccable and your makeup is water and heat resistant. 

However, you must still be vigilant if you decide to carry out a permanent makeup session just before summer, you will need to moisturize and protect your skin before any exposure to the sun. Indeed, while the tissues heal, too intense exposure to the sun could cause an infection which could harm the final result of your makeup. 

Permanent makeup is therefore an interesting make-up alternative for women who do not have a lot of time to devote to their make-up, but who nevertheless wish to remain beautiful in all circumstances. 

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