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Article: Everything you need to know about permanent lip makeup

Everything you need to know about permanent lip makeup

Since 2014, July 29 celebrate the day national lipstick . This asset essential beauty for enhance your lips East become a must in the current make - up trend . But , what is it makeup permanent lips ? This new technical is she really effective ?  

Permanent lip makeup: what is it? 

Permanent lip makeup uses the same techniques as permanent makeup for eyebrows or other areas of the face, with the difference that dermopigmentation on the lips generally lasts longer. 

Permanent lip makeup: what is it? 

Permanent lip makeup must be carried out in a beauty salon by a qualified professional. This technique consists of injecting pigments using a very fine needle into the superficial layers of the skin of the lips. 

The benefits of successful permanent lip makeup 

Successful permanent lip makeup allows you to: 

  • Reshape the natural curve of your lips in a lasting way  
  • Give a nice curve to your lips  
  • Correct possible asymmetries  
  • Recolor pale lips  
  • Have a fuller lip effect  

The different types of permanent lip makeup 

There are three main types of permanent lip makeup . The first focuses exclusively on the contour of your mouth. It allows you to correct asymmetries and have a clear contour without the need to use a pencil before applying your lipstick. This technique aims to reshape the contour of your lips for a result that is intended to be as natural as possible. 

For lovers of full lips, it is possible, in addition to redrawing the contour of your lips, to do a light gradient coloring towards the inside of your lips. This play of color contrast will give a more voluminous effect to your mouth. This technique is ideal for people with thin lips, because it allows you to gain volume without having to resort to hyaluronic acid injections. 

Finally, the last technique, also called “full lips”, is a filling technique which will give you a made-up effect in all circumstances. 

Who can do permanent lip makeup? 

Permanent lip makeup can be done on all women. It is a less intrusive alternative to injections which act directly on the volume of your lips and is particularly recommended for women with lips that are too pale or too thin. 

What are the steps of a permanent lip makeup session in an institute? 

First of all, the beautician will take the time to determine with you the shape of the lips you want to have, as well as the shade you want to use (pink for a natural effect or more orange-red for a makeup effect). Following this exchange, the practitioner will draw a pencil line. Once the latter has been validated, the dermopigmentation operation can begin. This procedure can last up to an hour depending on the type of makeup requested. 

In general, a month later it is better to do a touch-up, and then only once a year, in order to correct the color of the pigments which may have changed with the gradual regeneration of the skin and exposure to the sun. 

Finally, the cost of permanent lip makeup varies depending on the type of makeup you choose (contour, gradient contour, lip filler). However, count between €300 and €500 per session. 

Precautions to take before and after your permanent lip makeup session 

Like any permanent makeup session , precautions are necessary. It is important to respect them in order to benefit from a result that meets your expectations. 

Risks and precautions to take before your permanent lip makeup session 

  • Ask your doctor for advice.  
  • As a precaution, permanent makeup is generally not recommended for pregnant women because of the possible risks of infections if strict hygiene rules are not respected.  
  • If you have cold sores, they will prescribe a treatment based on Valocyclovir which will prevent your herpes from breaking out following the procedure. In fact, an outbreak of herpes could make it more painful and difficult for the skin on your lips to heal.  
  • Check the quality of the pigments used. They must correspond to current standards.  
  • The institute must have impeccable hygienic conditions.  
  • Remember to do a gentle exfoliation and moisturize your lips well so that they are not chapped before the procedure.  

Post-session care 

  • For at least a week, moisturize your lips daily.  
  • Apply sun protection.  
  • Do not swim (swimming pool, beach) for at least 7 days following the procedure.  
  • Also avoid putting makeup on your lips in the days following the operation.  

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