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Article: My make-up routine with Atelier du Sourcil

My make-up routine with Atelier du Sourcil

Should you put makeup on your complexion or your eyes first? What should be applied, and when? If for some, makeup is child's play, for others it is much more complicated. Discover, step by step, how to succeed in your makeup routine! 

Whether it is done in 5 minutes before leaving home, or whether it is prepared for 30 minutes, makeup must follow certain rules and steps to be successful. By putting on makeup every day, we of course become automatic and create our own makeup routine. But how to get started? Discover, step by step, how to apply makeup and highlight your eyes! 

1st step of my make-up routine: complexion 

First of all, we take care of our complexion. On very clean and cleansed skin, apply foundation. For a natural look, you of course choose a shade as close as possible to your skin tone. Depending on the desired finish, and your skin, you can opt for a more or less covering foundation. And to avoid the “paint pot” effect, we make sure not to use too much foundation and to blend it well. 

Then, we opt for a concealer to (re)give ourselves a healthy glow. Say goodbye to dull and tired eyes with Minécole® Corrective Mine! In the form of a jumbo pencil, it is easily applied to the skin to brighten your eyes or to camouflage dark circles. 

Thanks to its matte texture, Minécole® Corrective Mine blends easily and illuminates and highlights your eyes and eyebrow line. 

Finally, we finish the complexion using a little powder and blush. This helps to mattify the skin and avoid the shiny and oily skin effect, which is rarely desired. Apply a little blush to your cheeks to give you a healthy glow and enhance your complexion. 

And there you have it, the complexion is finished! It's time to move on to the second step... 


2nd step of my make-up routine: the eyes 

After the complexion, we move on to eye makeup! 

We start by highlighting your eyebrows using our Luminabrow eyebrow pencil. Thanks to its double tip and its creamy texture, it is ideal for lifting your brow bone and hiding all small imperfections. With the matte tip, outline and accentuate your eyebrow line, then use the iridescent tip on the inner corner of the eye to illuminate your eyes. 

We continue to enhance our eyes with the Sublimabrow® eyebrow pencil . This essential make-up consists of a brush side and a pencil side. Using the brush, start by styling and disciplining your eyebrows. Then use the pencil to intensify your eyebrows. For a natural effect, just give a few light strokes of the pencil, from the head to the tip of the eyebrows, then blend with another pass with the brush. 

That's it, your eyebrows suit you and are nicely shaped? Use Browshape® Clear Setting Gel to set your brows and tame them for the day. Equipped with a brush, it allows you to style and sculpt your eyebrows. Transparent, it can be used on natural or already made-up eyebrows, and allows you to keep well-defined and disciplined eyebrows all day long! 

Once the eyebrows are finished, we move on to the eyes and more precisely to the eyelashes. To add length and volume to these eyelashes, we opt for mascara. Each mascara being different and having its own benefits, it is essential to choose one adapted to your needs or the desired effect. For a truly sublime look, you can use volumacils mascara, to give volume to your eyelashes, and Upcils mascara as a complement, to have beautiful, long eyelashes. Apply mascara from root to tip, using a zig-zag motion to avoid clumps. Please note, it is best to mainly apply makeup to the upper lashes and only apply a light coat of mascara to the outer lower lashes. 


And there you have it, your makeup routine is complete! 

Sober, natural and discreet, this makeup will highlight your eyes and go with all styles. If you're not used to putting on makeup, the first few times can be a little longer and chaotic. Don't hesitate to set aside a little extra time and practice every day. You will quickly become an eye makeup pro! 

You don't have the time, desire or know-how to wear makeup every day? For pretty makeup, done by professionals, and that lasts a long time, you can opt for permanent makeup ! 

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