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Article: The effects of junk food on the skin and eyes

The effects of junk food on the skin and eyes

July 21 is World Junk Food Day. But, what is the impact of our diet on the health of our skin? Is the growth of our eyebrows and eyelashes impacted by what we eat? 

Originally, this day comes to us straight from the United States under the name “Junk food World Day”. This day is an opportunity to recall the challenges of a healthy and balanced diet and to raise public awareness against the dangers of food that is too sweet or too salty. 

Why is it essential to have a healthy and balanced diet to have beautiful skin and sublime eyes? 

Food is one of the pillars of our health. What we eat will determine the micronutrients from which our body can or cannot benefit for its proper development. The skin and complexion are directly impacted by the way we eat. This is why it is essential to eat healthy and balanced. 

Taking care of your diet will allow you to have healthy skin and a luminous complexion for a guaranteed healthy glow! 

What consequences can junk food have on our skin? 

A poor diet can have detrimental effects on your skin. Indeed, the food we eat is digested by the stomach, then by the intestine. If your food bowl is too rich in sugary foods or foods that are too salty, your digestive organs will have difficulty doing their job. Your body will then be more weakened, hence the effect of fatigue or paleness that an unbalanced and too sugary diet can cause. 

A poor diet abnormally increases the presence of toxins in the blood. Which, after just a few days, will cause skin disorders in the form of spots, wrinkles or even bags under the eyes. 

The effects of junk food on our health and more particularly on the skin of our face are very real. This is why it is essential to eat well and favor a healthy and balanced diet. 

Tips for having beautiful skin and sublime eyebrows by taking care of your diet 

Fortunately, it is also possible to regain beautiful skin and beautiful eyebrows by eating healthily and taking care of yourself every day. 

100% natural recipes 

Here is a list of 100% natural ingredients that everyone has in their kitchen and which can be useful to activate the growth of your eyebrows: 

  • Fresh onion juice : onion is very rich in sulfur, which is perfect for stimulating the growth of your eyebrow hair. In addition, this recipe is easy to make, you just need to finely blend an onion and collect its juice and then apply it directly to your eyebrows. This operation can be repeated daily for at least a week.  
  • Egg yolk: Very rich in protein, egg yolk is ideal for boosting the growth of your eyebrows. You can apply it directly on them, and leave it on for about 15 minutes and rinse them with clean water.  
  • Milk: Applying milk to your eyebrows was one of our grandmothers' beauty tips to keep eyebrows full and full of vitality.  
  • Castor oil and coconut oil: These two oils are also used to nourish and activate hair growth. They are also effective on eyebrows and help protect them while activating their regrowth. For optimal effect, these oils can even be left on your eyebrows overnight.  

Foods to favor 

Certain foods should actually be favored to promote the regrowth of your eyebrows. These include foods rich in: 

  • vitamin B (dried vegetables, fruits and dairy products, etc.),  
  • yeast,  
  • magnesium (nuts, lentils, dark chocolate, etc.),  
  • iron (fish, spinach, etc.).  


Techniques to enhance your eyebrows 

Other techniques also allow you to take care of your eyebrows. You can actually exfoliate regularly. This will make it easier for your eyebrow hair to grow back by thinning the skin in your brow bone area. This will also improve your blood circulation, which is a good point to stimulate their regrowth. In addition, there is no need to have specific and expensive products. In fact, some scrubs can only be done with salt and sugar. 

On the other hand, there are also specific serums and products to activate eyebrow growth, such as our revitabrow eyebrow conditioning treatment . 

Finally, if your thinning eyebrows bother you, you can always opt for permanent makeup . Currently, microblading techniques offer natural and long-lasting results. 

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