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Article: What is eyebrow lift?

What is eyebrow lift?

To beautify and enhance your look, you can use numerous makeup and beauty techniques. One of the most popular is eyebrow lift, also called B rowU p. What is this ? How does it work ? We will explain everything to you ! 

Often confused with eyelash lifting , eyebrow lifting - also called brow-up - is a very fashionable technique for highlighting your eyes. Indeed, today, there are many ways to take care of and enhance your eyebrows. If eyebrow waxing remains essential, various eyebrow makeup techniques exist to intensify the look and allow you to have beautiful eyebrows. 


Eyebrow enhancement or BrowUp 

Having well-plucked eyebrows is just the first step to enhancing your eyes. Eyebrow enhancement, or BrowUp, is a very trendy technique when it comes to eye beauty. This type of eyebrow makeup is ideal for disciplining and taming thick and bushy eyebrows. 

Indeed, if the trend is still for rather thick eyebrows, we prefer them well defined and disciplined . And for this, you can resort to eyebrow enhancement! Temporary makeup, brow-up consists of styling and fixing the hairs of your eyebrows in a specific position. 


How does eyebrow enhancement work? 

First of all, you should know that BrowUp or eyebrow enhancement is not a permanent makeup technique and has no connection with any surgical intervention, as one might think because of the term “lift”. 

This is simply a service during which a beauty technician will style, trim, restructure and fix your eyebrow hairs . Painless and without risk, this practice allows you to obtain thick and voluminous eyebrows, well disciplined and defined. 

This helps structure the look and instantly enhance it . When you have an eyebrow lift done in one of our workshops, our technicians also carry out an eyebrow restructuring in order to offer you the shape best suited to your face. To intensify your look, this service also includes tinting your eyebrows . 


Who can do an eyebrow lift? 

Eyebrow enhancement can be done by all women and at any age. It is particularly recommended and suitable if you have thick, bushy eyebrows that are difficult to style . If, on the contrary, you have thin and sparse eyebrows, it will probably be preferable to opt for permanent eyebrow makeup such as microshading or microblading. 

BrowUp is the alternative to permanent makeup. Indeed, it is a non-invasive technique, which allows you to maintain well-defined and disciplined eyebrows for several weeks. 


How often to do an eyebrow lift? 

Eyelash enhancement lasts approximately between 6 and 10 weeks . Beyond that, the hair returns to normal. Each brow-up should be two months apart, or approximately 8 weeks. 


Is brow-up dangerous? 

As BrowUp is a non-invasive makeup technique, there is no major danger . On the other hand, eyebrow enhancement requires the application of various products to the skin. Although rare, it is still possible to have an allergic reaction to one of the products or components. 


Difference between eyebrow lift and lash lift 

A distinction must be made between eyebrow enhancement (BrowUp) and eyelash enhancement (Rehaucils®) . The latter consists of naturally lifting and curling the eyelashes, without even using an eyelash curler! 


What is eyelash enhancement? 

As you know, eyelashes highlight the eyes and widen the look . We use mascara and various makeup products and accessories to give them volume, length and thickness. 

Eyelash enhancement is part of this line. In fact, it is a technique aimed at naturally curling and lifting the eyelashes , to give them more length and volume. To do this, our technicians - trained in all techniques - work on the base of the eyelash for an enlarged look! 


How does it happen ? 

To give the eyelashes their shape, the beautician uses a silicone patch. Of course, it adapts the curvature to the shape of the eye, for a natural and tailor-made result. In just 45 minutes, lashes are lifted and curled . We fix them using suitable products, and that’s it! You benefit from enhanced eyelashes for several weeks. 


How long between two lash lifts? 

We advise you to wait at least a month between each lash lift to give your lashes time to rest. This will avoid weakening the eyelashes and damaging them. 

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