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Article: How to give volume to eyelashes?

How to give volume to eyelashes?

Who has never dreamed of having beautiful, long eyelashes? Full, voluminous eyelashes give real depth to our eyes. Mascara, false eyelashes or permanent makeup… Discover all our tips for giving volume to your eyelashes! 

Whether you opt for a natural style or for more elaborate makeup, it's impossible not to wear eye makeup. Depending on the desired effect, you can make up the entire eye (eyebrows, eyelids, eyelashes and lash line) or target only one element. In many cases, we wear eyelashes with makeup and for good reason, they help to widen the eyes and naturally highlight the eyes. So, we all want long, voluminous and thick eyelashes without effort. Here are some tips and techniques to easily add volume to eyelashes! 

Volumizing mascara 

To easily and quickly add volume to your eyelashes, you can of course opt for volumizing mascara. Easily found in many makeup stores or on the internet, it adds substance to the eyelashes. It shapes them, thickens them and lengthens them, for an intensified and sublimated look. 

Specially designed to give volume to the eyelashes, these mascaras are generally equipped with a precise brush and dense fibers, to cover the eyelash from the base. Volumizing mascara is therefore an excellent alternative if you find that your eyelashes are a little thin and drooping. 


Eyelash enhancement 

A completely natural method, eyelash enhancement (or Rehaucils) allows you to lengthen and curl your eyelashes. By working the base of the hair, the beautician lifts the lashes and gives the impression of length and volume. Ideal for intensifying and widening your eyes, eyelash enhancement can last up to 6 weeks! 

This temporary makeup technique is ideal for those who want to lengthen their eyelashes and give them volume without having to use an eyelash curler every day! A single session, in one of our workshops, is enough to give the impression of volume and length to the eyelashes. 


Eyelash tinting 

Just as you can dye your hair or color your eyebrows , it is possible to dye your eyelashes. This helps intensify the color of your eyelashes and gives an impression of substance, ideal for enhancing the look effortlessly! 

For 3 weeks, your eyelashes are displayed and colored in a natural and discreet way. Even without makeup, your eyes are highlighted and you enjoy a real doe look! 


Applying eyelash extensions 

Another solution, to give volume to your eyelashes, is obviously the installation of eyelash extensions. Indeed, these guarantee you to have beautiful and long eyelashes in all circumstances, and without the slightest effort! 

No need to wear makeup every day, eyelash extensions stay in place for several weeks. They allow you to enhance your look with elongated, thickened and curled eyelashes. 


You generally have the choice between two types of extensions: lash to lash or Russian volume. 


Eyelash extensions: eyelash-to-eyelash method 

The eyelash-to-eyelash method has the advantage of adding length and intensity to the eyelashes. It gives intensity to the look and reinforces the effect of length. To do this, we will simply apply synthetic eyelashes, alternating with real eyelashes. The synthetic eyelash is placed on a real eyelash. Depending on the desired effect, we apply a false eyelash every 2 or 3 natural eyelashes, or even on all if we want a truly marked and sophisticated effect. 


Eyelash extensions: the Russian volume method 

This technique consists of applying bouquets of very fine eyelash extensions to natural eyelashes. This instantly adds volume, thickness and intensity to the lashes. The eyes are thus highlighted and the look is emphasized. Just like eyelash-to-eyelash application, Russian volume eyelash extensions last for several weeks. Then, you should plan a new application to find elongated and voluminous eyelashes! 


Take good care of your eyelashes 

Enhancing your eyelashes with mascara or using extensions is great. However, no matter which method you choose, it is important to take care of your eyelashes. In fact, the latter can become fragile, brittle or fall. If you want to keep your eyelashes strong, strong and healthy, it is essential to give them time to rest and to remove makeup thoroughly every day. In addition, many treatments and serums exist to nourish, hydrate, strengthen and protect your eyelashes! Be sure to use this type of product carefully, especially if you often use eyelash lifts and extensions. 

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