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Article: What is eyebrow dermopigmentation?

What is eyebrow dermopigmentation?

Better known as permanent makeup, dermopigmentation is a very trendy technique for enhancing your eyebrows but also other parts of your face. What is it exactly ? How it works ? Find out everything you need to know about eyebrow dermopigmentation . 

A real alternative to classic makeup, dermopigmentation (also called permanent makeup) is adopted by many women. Whether it is to make up your eyebrows , your eyes or highlight your mouth, this technique is attractive and is becoming more and more widespread. 


What is dermopigmentation? 

More often called permanent makeup , dermopigmentation is a technique which consists of inserting colored pigments into the skin. This is mainly used for repair or aesthetic purposes. In fact, it is now possible to use dermopigmentation to provide “long-lasting” makeup . Thanks to the insertion of color pigments under the skin, we make up and beautify certain areas of the face (eyebrows, eyes, mouth, etc.). In this way, the skin is colored, allowing the makeup to last for several weeks. Particularly in the aesthetic field, you can opt for permanent lip , eye or eyebrow makeup . 


Eyebrow dermopigmentation, how does it work? 

Before embarking on dermopigmentation, it is important to learn about this practice and to understand how it works. 

Eyebrow dermopigmentation is systematically carried out by a professional. Indeed, it is a practice that requires a certain know-how, but also appropriate tools. Permanent eyebrow makeup is done using a needle. Thanks to this, pigments are injected under the skin to create shading or a hair effect. 

After a first session, touch-ups are expected within 2 months in order to intensify or correct certain details. 


Dermopigmentation of the eyebrows: for whom? 

Permanent eyebrow makeup is accessible to everyone . 

There are no prerequisites, it can be done at any age and on any skin type. 

It is a painless eye makeup technique , very popular among people with thin, sparse or asymmetrical eyebrows . Eyebrow dermopigmentation is also very useful for women who have lost their eyebrows following various illnesses and serious treatments , such as chemotherapy, for example. 

Be careful, however, because this process is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. 

Before each service, the technician ensures that you have no contraindications. 


Why do eyebrow dermopigmentation? 

Permanent eyebrow makeup has many benefits . First of all, the makeup hold! Indeed, using dermopigmentation of the eyebrows allows you to enhance and highlight your eyes without needing to use makeup every day. In addition, the colored pigments being inserted into the skin, your eyebrow makeup is resistant to everything : water, perspiration… As you will have understood, permanent makeup is ideal for those who want to save time and stay perfectly made up in all circumstances! 

Eyebrow dermopigmentation is also an excellent alternative when you have sparse or too thin eyebrows . Likewise, this process can correct eyebrows that are too short or asymmetrical, for example. Thanks to several methods, it is possible to find well-shaped and structured eyebrows , with a natural finish and a “hair” effect. 


What permanent makeup for my eyebrows? 

There are several methods of permanent eyebrow makeup . [Jump back to line] Depending on your expectations and your type of eyebrows, a beautician will be able to advise you on the choice to make between the different dermopigmentation methods. 

In all cases, the goal is to reshape and harmonize your eyebrows by inserting pigments where necessary. The difference between the different methods lies mainly in the way of injecting the colored pigments. 


  • Microshading : This method consists of inserting pigments via tiny dots, with blended contours. This helps create a shading effect and intensify the eyebrow line. The final result is rather powdery, as if you had used an eyebrow pencil to make up your eyes. 


  • Microblading : This permanent makeup method consists of reproducing a hair effect . To fill in thin or sparse eyebrows, the pigments are inserted using fine lines, similar to hairs. The end result is natural and discreet, ideal for those who wear little or no makeup on a daily basis! 


  • Micrograyling : A new permanent makeup technique, micrograyling is more suitable for eyebrows lacking hair and whose line is not suitable for microshading or microblading. This method combines several processes (shading, 3D effects, gradients and color effects), for a perfectly shaped eyebrow that highlights your eyes. 

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