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Article: What is a brow bar?

What is a brow bar?

Increasingly popular, the eyebrow bar has established itself today as one of the essential solutions for taking care of yourself and enhancing your eyes. But what exactly is an eyebrow bar? How does it work and what can we do about it? 

Most women - and even some men! - today, pluck your eyebrows. And for good reason, they frame the face and highlight the eyes. Having a beautiful eyebrow shape , well suited to your face, is the best way to highlight your eyes . Plucking your eyebrows has therefore become commonplace for many people. Several options are then available: pluck your eyebrows yourself, entrust them to a beautician or go to an eyebrow bar . 

What is the eyebrow bar? 

Popularized in recent years, the eyebrow bar has nothing to do with a place where you can consume various drinks. No, it is simply a derivative of the nail bar. The concept is the same, applied to the eye: a dedicated space or corner located within a boutique or chain of stores, for example, where it is possible to benefit from express treatments. 

The eyebrow bar is therefore a space where waxing and services of all kinds are offered to you. Depending on the establishment, this may be with or without an appointment. This is an ideal solution for having your eyebrows waxed quickly , by professionals, while generally paying less than with a beautician. 


The benefit of the eyebrow bar 

Plucking your eyebrows alone is not easy. We pluck a little too much, the eyebrows are not symmetrical, we make a hole... It is very easy to mess up your eyebrow waxing . So, for a beautiful eyebrow line, the best thing is undoubtedly to go see a professional. 

In a beauty salon or in an eyebrow bar, a beautician will perfectly pluck your eyebrows and enhance your look. Trained in all techniques, she will find the eyebrow shape best suited to your face and which will highlight your eyes. 

Beyond the guaranteed result, the eyebrow bar has many advantages: speed of care, affordable prices, numerous services offered , etc. 

How to find the best eyebrow bar? 

Established in many cities in France, Atelier du Sourcil has established itself as THE reference in terms of eye beauty . Wherever you are located in France, there is necessarily one of our workshops nearby. Thanks to highly trained and qualified technicians, we offer you quality services to enhance your look. Beyond the unrivaled know-how of our technicians, by coming to one of our workshops, you can discover, test and obtain our eyebrow and eye makeup products . In this regard, during each service, our experts give you some good advice for maintaining your eyebrows and making up your eyes. 


What services are offered at Atelier du Sourcil? 

From eyebrow waxing to permanent makeup , including the installation of eyelash extensions , the services and treatments offered in our workshops are as numerous as they are varied. 


Eyebrow waxing for women and men 

Those who do not dare or do not want to pluck their eyebrows alone can opt for eyebrow waxing within our brand. Depending on your needs, our professionals can carry out eyebrow restructuring , to (re)define the shape of your eyebrows, or simply carry out maintenance hair removal . While eyebrow waxing is common among women, we also welcome men who would like to trim their eyebrows a little . 


Eyebrow makeup and beauty  

Because having well-plucked eyebrows isn't everything, you can also opt for eyebrow tinting or a brow-up (or eyebrow enhancement). These services are offered at affordable prices and allow you to beautify your eyebrows naturally! 


Eyelash enhancement and tinting  

Enhance your look, this also involves the eyelashes. L'Atelier du Sourcil offers, among other things, eyelash enhancement and eyelash tinting services . Raised and more pronounced, your eyelashes widen your eyes and thus highlight your eyes! 


Installation of eyelash extensions 

If you find that your eyelashes are short, sparse or lack volume, you can try eyelash extensions . Whether it is the eyelash-to-eyelash method or Russian volume, our technicians are fully trained and will offer you a quality service. 


Permanent makeup  

Various permanent makeup services are offered in our workshops: permanent eyebrow makeup (microshading, microblading, micrograyling), permanent eye makeup and permanent lip makeup . You are spoiled for choice when it comes to taking care of yourself and enhancing your look! 

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