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Article: What is siren eyes, the new makeup trend?

What is siren eyes, the new makeup trend?

For several months, a makeup trend has invaded social networks: Siren Eyes . If you too want to adopt this hypnotic look… Here are some tips for successfully achieving your Siren Eyes ! 

From hair removal to eyebrow makeup , many makeup trends are emerging on social networks, and particularly on the TikTok platform. It is undoubtedly THE social network to go to to stay informed of the latest makeup trends . Speaking of which, this summer, a new makeup style appeared on the famous platform: Siren Eyes . Very quickly, this technique created a buzz, with the hashtag #Sireneyes reaching several hundred million views. 


What are Siren Eyes? 

Siren Eyes is, as its name suggests, eye makeup . It is clearly inspired by a fantastic creature as glamorous as it is mysterious: the mermaid. Indeed, what little girl hasn't dreamed of meeting or becoming a mermaid? With her long wavy hair and her long glittery tail, the mermaid, half-woman, half-fish, is meant to be hypnotizing and captivating . It was by drawing inspiration from this mythical creature that the Siren Eyes Makeup trend was born. 

This eye makeup consists of stretching and lengthening the eyes to give a sensual and charming look. Quite easy to achieve, this makeup allows you to subtly intensify your eyes. Although it is usually worn on special occasions (parties, evenings, festivals, etc.), Siren Eyes can also be used as daily makeup. 


How to do Siren Eyes makeup? 

Do not be fooled by appearances ! Siren Eyes is not a very difficult makeup look to achieve. By taking it step by step and with a little patience, you will very quickly be able to adopt this look, so sensual and mysterious, of a mermaid. 

First of all, to do Siren Eyes eye makeup, you need to have black or brown eyeshadows (ideally, opt for a Smoky Eyes eyeshadow palette, with many color shades). You also absolutely need a black pencil or eyeliner , as well as a blending brush . 

Obviously, the Siren Eyes highlights the look. It is therefore imperative that eyebrows are properly plucked beforehand . Indeed, poorly plucked, bushy and unruly eyebrows will alter, or even ruin, your Siren Eyes makeup. So we think about doing our eyebrow hair removal , in an institute or at home, before anything else! 

To reproduce Siren Eyes makeup , start by applying brown, black or brown shadow (your choice, depending on the desired effect, the color of your eyes and your skin tone) along the eyelashes and above the crease of your eyelid. We opt for a tone darker than our skin tone, which we blend. We play with the nuances to create an ombre effect by stretching the material towards the outside of the eye, to begin to elongate it. 

Then, use your pencil or eyeliner (black or brown) to draw a first straight line along the lashline. We then extend the line from the outer corner of the eye towards the temple , creating a perfect comma. The goal of Siren Eyes being to stretch the eye, do not hesitate to draw the line to the end of the eyebrow. You can also lengthen the look by creating a point at the inner corner of the eye . 


Finally, to finish, we blend everything with a brush and redefine the contour of the liner with eyeshadow. You need to create a kind of elegant and aesthetic fin on your eyelid. To illuminate the eyes and add a mysterious touch, you can add a point of light in the inner corner of the eye with a little eye shadow or a white, yellow or glitter pencil. 

If you are not sure of yourself, do not hesitate to watch tutorials . On social networks, especially Tiktok and Youtube, many influencers, makeup artists and other fashionistas show you, step by step, how to properly achieve your Siren Eyes ! 


A sublime look in all circumstances 

If you dream of beautiful eyes , enhanced in all circumstances, without needing to spend long minutes every day in the bathroom, you should perhaps try permanent makeup . In particular, it is possible to have permanent eyeliner made , ideal for those who are not comfortable with eyeliner! In just a few minutes, a technician traces the line precisely following your eyelid, for pretty makeup that lasts and requires no maintenance ! 

Indeed, permanent eyeliner is resistant to water and perspiration. Your eye remains made up for several weeks. Ideal for those who want to save time and enjoy a sublime look every moment ! 

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