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Article: Pink October: How to thicken your eyebrows during or after chemotherapy?

Pink October: How to thicken your eyebrows during or after chemotherapy?

Certain medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, are infamous for causing hair loss. Fortunately, to fill out your sparse eyebrows, several solutions exist! 

Throughout the month of October, the “ Pink October ” awareness campaign takes place. This action aims to raise awareness among women about breast cancer screening and to raise funds for research. Pink October is also an opportunity for us to discuss the impact of chemotherapy on eyebrows. Indeed, some cancer treatments are quite heavy and have many side effects. Chemotherapy is thus known to promote hair loss . Fortunately, this is not necessarily permanent and many solutions exist to thicken your eyebrows during chemotherapy! 


Do eyebrows necessarily fall out during chemotherapy? 

Eyebrow hairs may fall out with chemotherapy . It mainly depends on the type of treatment followed and how the body reacts. During standard chemotherapy, loss of eyebrows is observed in a little more than half of patients . It is therefore not systematic, but it is quite common all the same. 

During radiotherapy, eyebrow hairs may also fall out, especially if the treatment is carried out close to the eyebrows. 


Do eyebrows grow back after chemotherapy? 

Don't panic, if your eyebrows disappeared during chemotherapy, it's not permanent. Three -quarters of people who have undergone chemotherapy gradually regain their eyebrows after treatment. However, in many cases, eyebrows are thinner and sparser than before. So, if your eyebrows do not grow back after chemotherapy or if they seem too sparse, you can opt for certain alternatives to find a perfectly defined and full eyebrow line. 


How not to lose your eyebrows during chemotherapy? 

If it is not possible to counter the side effects of such a treatment, you can possibly anticipate and opt for permanent makeup before starting chemo. This will allow you to hide hair loss and keep eyebrows nicely shaped and full. 

Microblading and microshading are permanent makeup techniques, with a rather natural finish, which are not incompatible with chemotherapy and other treatments of this type. However, it is imperative to seek the advice of a doctor before starting. As the treatment makes the skin more sensitive, the risk of infection may be greater. It is therefore advisable to find out carefully and obtain approval from your doctor before taking the plunge. 

How to make up non-existent eyebrows during cancer treatment? 

Obviously, dermopigmentation is not the only solution. You can also decide to do your eyebrows manually, as you are already used to doing. In fact, applying makeup to your eyebrows is possible during chemotherapy and does not accelerate hair loss. 

Applying makeup to your eyebrows, when they become too thin and sparse, allows women undergoing treatment to feel beautiful, to regain self-confidence and even to experience their treatment better. This small gesture, which may seem trivial and superficial, should not be neglected. You can therefore use an eyebrow pencil , eyebrow powders or gel to reshape, flesh out and beautify your eyebrows ! 

If your eyebrows are sparse , be careful not to be too heavy-handed with makeup. To ensure the result is discreet and natural, use makeup sparingly and avoid trying to make your eyebrows appear too thick. 


How to grow your eyebrows after chemo? 

Once chemotherapy is finished, eyelashes and eyebrows can gradually grow back . It takes 2 to 3 months for the eyebrow to grow back, normally. In the case of cancer treatment, the eyebrow has been damaged and may have difficulty growing back. Fortunately, it is possible to stimulate hair growth by using certain care products and conditioners. This is particularly the case with our revitabrow eyebrow treatment , specially designed to nourish, hydrate and strengthen eyebrows . 


L'Atelier du Sourcil is committed to the fight against cancer 

Anxious to offer customers the best at every moment of their lives, Atelier du Sourcil is committed to helping sick people who are fighting cancer . 

To help you feel good about yourself and regain self-confidence, we offer a preferential rate for a dermopigmentation service. Usually at €200, we set up a reduced rate of €100 for anyone who has made an appointment and who presents with a medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications. 

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