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Article: Drooping or sunken eyelids: how to put makeup on them properly?

Drooping or sunken eyelids: how to put makeup on them properly?

Makeup can correct certain defects such as drooping or sunken eyelids. How ? Discover, step by step, how to properly make up your eyelids! 

The drooping or sunken eyelids effect can be natural, but can also become more pronounced with age and cause complexes in certain people. But, fortunately, alternatives exist to enhance your look simply thanks to effective make-up. 

What do we mean by drooping or sunken eyelids? 

Often due to age, drooping eyelids are caused by sagging skin which results in sagging of your eyelids. Your eyes then appear sad and more tired. This sagging skin is natural with age. In fact, the number of cells in the epidermis decreases over the years, leading to a reduction in collagen production. This is the protein which is, among other things, responsible for skin regeneration. Your epidermis will then produce less sebum and hyaluronic acid which help nourish, hydrate and better preserve your skin. All these changes over the years will therefore directly affect the elasticity of your skin tissues and the hold of your eyelids. 


What are the external factors that can alter your facial features? 

The shape of our eyes and eyelids are partly due to our genetic heritage. However, external factors can worsen or further alter our facial features: 

  • The sun's UV rays: While the sun can be beneficial for our skin and give it a pretty tanned color, you should know that exposing yourself to the sun for too long can seriously harm your health. Indeed, unprotected exposure to the sun's UV rays causes wrinkles and ages your skin prematurely.  
  • Tobacco: In addition to being very harmful to your health, tobacco damages your skin, reduces cell regeneration and accelerates its aging. Which can quickly accentuate the drooping eyelid effect.  
  • Poor hygiene: Taking care of your skin is essential. Not cleansing your skin regularly or not removing makeup daily can have harmful effects on your skin and cause clogging of your pores which can cause wrinkles to appear more quickly.  
  • The arrival of menopause: Menopause causes a reduction in the production of certain hormones which were responsible for the elasticity of the skin. This is why it is not uncommon for the drooping eyelid effect to be more visible at this time.  


Possible remedies 

To correct these small defects which can sometimes become truly complex, there are surgical or medical techniques such as thermage. These are radio frequencies which accelerate the production of collagen in order to firm your eyelids. Botox is also used in surgery. 

However, if these techniques seem a little radical to you at the moment, you can just as easily hide some of your small flaws with make-up. 


Special makeup tips for drooping or hollow eyelids 

Here are tips and advice to enhance your look by significantly reducing the drooping or sunken eyelid effect. 

Step 1: Redraw your eyebrow line 

It is essential to reshape your eyebrows in an institute . Indeed, your eyebrows are key elements to enhance a look. Their line must therefore be harmonious and well drawn. In the case of a drooping eyelid, what will generally need to be corrected will be the tail line of your eyebrow. Always make sure that it is aligned with the line that passes through the outer corner of your eye. Don't hesitate to lengthen your eyebrow a little with a few strokes of eyebrow pencil . 

Step 2: Enlarge your eyes with a suitable eyeshadow color 

Above all, do not put white or light color under the eyebrow, because this has the effect of highlighting your upper eyelid and this is precisely what you want to hide. So, to counterbalance the hollow or drooping eyelid effect, choose taupe or darker eyeshadows, which you will apply slightly higher than usual towards the outer side of the eye. Then, blend your makeup, possibly adding an intermediate shade to the rest of the eyelid to add a little light. Finally, don't forget to put a lighter eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye to brighten up your makeup.  

Step 3: Enhance your eyes 

Finally, last step, finish your make-up by drawing a line of black or navy blue eyeliner along the upper and lower lash line. On the other hand, avoid the pencil line inside the eye, which is not really flattering in case of drooping eyelids. Then, finish with a touch of eyebrow mascara for an intense and enhanced look. 

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