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Article: Which eyeshadow color should you choose depending on the color of your eyes?

Which eyeshadow color should you choose depending on the color of your eyes?

Eye shadow allow to enlarge and sublimate your glance . A well- done make -up allows us to underline effectively the color (s ) natural of your irises. But , how do you know which color ( s) will best highlight your eyes ?  

As you know, we don't all make up our eyes the same way. The color of the eyeshadow varies depending on the color of the eyes! Discover simple tips and tricks to put into practice, in order to enhance your look, whatever the color of your eyes. 

Colorimetry rules to follow to enhance your look 

The assembly of colors together obeys a certain logic: the rules of colorimetry. These rules used in design or painting are of course also valid for makeup. 

Complementary colors 

To find out which color will go best with your eyes, you can use the color wheel to find your complementary color. That is to say the one which will best highlight the natural color of your irises. 

Also note that your irises are rarely just one color. Your eyes often have undertones that you need to know how to take advantage of, such as blue-gray, blue-green or brown eyes with golden highlights, etc. Eye shadow, makeup pen ... you are spoiled for choice to highlight your eyes! 

Your skin tone 

In order to choose the ideal eyeshadow color for your eyes, you will also need to take into account the color of your skin tone. Indeed, depending on the color of your skin, eye shadow may be more or less visible and/or accentuate certain small imperfections. 

For example, if you tend to have redness, avoid red eyeshadow which would further accentuate what you are trying to hide. Another piece of advice, take the time to work on your complexion and in particular to apply a concealer adapted to the color of your skin. 

The desired effect 

The type of makeup you want to achieve is also decisive in the choice of colors (party makeup, for every day, for an evening, etc.). Indeed, if in the evening, we can afford a little extravagance, we will often prefer more sober colors for makeup that we will wear to go to work. 

What color eyeshadow should I use for brown eyes? 

The advantage with brown eyes is that all eye shadow colors suit you. For what ? The answer is simple. Brown is a color made up of the three primary colors (yellow, blue and red). Therefore, whatever color you apply to your eyelids, it will necessarily complement the color of your irises. However, all shades of blue and green particularly highlight brown eyes. 

If your eyes are more light brown, opt for golden shades or tending towards yellow or green. On the other hand, if your eyes are more dark brown, midnight blue and pine green are ideal colors for you. 

What eyeshadow for black eyes? 

The colors that will enhance your intense look are black, but also khaki and midnight blue. However, you can use lighter shades under your brow bone to brighten up your face. Also consider using an eyebrow mascara to shape the curve of your eyelashes and intensify your look. Finally, smoky eyes with their smoky effect are ideal for highlighting dark eyes. 


Blue eyes: which shade to choose? 

The perfect complementary color for blue eyes is orange. So choose orange-red shades to enhance your beautiful blue eyes. Brown can also bring out the blue color well, especially if you have green undertones in your irises. You can also highlight your eyes by drawing a permanent lash line to accentuate your natural color. Brown is particularly recommended when you have eyes with blue-gray undertones. On the other hand, avoid bluish tints and colors that tend towards gray, as this will make the blue in your eyes stand out less. 

What color will best highlight your green eyes? 

Red, pink and purple are the complementary colors of green. Brown and taupe shades are also perfect for enhancing your eyes. However, avoid blue and green shades which will not really highlight your eyes. If you want to do makeup for a party, golden shades are particularly recommended in your case, with a final touch of black mascara for a sublime result. 

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