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Article: Cozy Girl: what is this makeup trend that’s making the buzz?

Cozy Girl: what is this makeup trend that’s making the buzz?

With its warm colors and nude shades, the cozy girl is currently an integral part of the fall period. At the forefront of the trend at the moment, let's look back at this make-up fashion which has become omnipresent on social networks.

The cozy girl has established itself as the makeup trend for fall 2023 . Cocooning, wool sweater, plaid, this new concept advocates natural beauty and comfort . This makeup trend aims to play with autumnal shades for a guaranteed healthy glow. But, how to achieve cozy girl makeup to be on trend? Here are the essential steps to follow to achieve perfect cozy girl makeup.

What is the Cozy girl?

With more than 26 million views on social networks with #Cosygirl , this trend is on the rise this year. Indeed, the cozy girl is not only a makeup trend , it is also a clothing fashion , which highlights warm and comfortable clothes, which we like to wear at home when it is cold, like sweaters in wool or cashmere jackets.

What are the criteria for a successful cozy girl?

Cozy girl makeup can have the same characteristics as Latte Makeup or Pumpkin Spice . It mainly adopts warm shades, from brown to beige and caramel tones . The complexion is mattified, avoiding shine and excess material, which could give an overly sophisticated effect. As for lip makeup , it remains rather discreet, with nude and not very pronounced colors .

Is the new cozy girl trend suitable for everyone?

Cozy girl is a style of makeup that generally suits all women , because the range of shades that can be used is quite extensive. Blondes with light eyes can rely on orange colors and a line of black eyeliner to intensify their look. While brunettes may prefer caramel tones and different shades of brown to highlight the color of their eyes.

How to create a perfect cozy girl look to enhance your fall makeup?

Here are tips for creating a trendy cozy girl look to enhance your make-up this fall/winter.

A matte and even complexion

The complexion is particularly highlighted in cozy girl make-up. Choose the shade of your foundation carefully. It should match the natural color of your skin . Apply it in such a way as to conceal any small imperfections (dark circles or fine lines). You can then add highlighter or a little blush to give your face a healthy glow.

One of the key trends for cozy girls at the moment is to draw fake freckles to enhance your cheekbones, and give a more autumnal look to your makeup by playing with red tones.

Eyes highlighted by a warm color palette

Eye shadow in cozy girl makeup is an essential element. Be sure to choose the colors of your eye shadow based on the shade of your iris and the color of your skin tone, or even your eyebrow dye .

Finally, to stay in the cozy girl tone, opt for shimmering colors reminiscent of autumnal landscapes, such as variations of shades of brown, or other warm colors approaching gold or orange.

A stroke of eyeliner to enhance your look

For a made-up look while remaining natural, don't forget to finalize your eye makeup by drawing a light line of eyeliner on the upper lash line . If you don't have time to apply eyeliner every day, permanent eyeliner may be the ideal solution! This will allow you to intensify your look by widening it for an ultra-trendy doe eye style. You can also perfect your make-up with a black mascara or a natural eyelash extension to slightly boost the volume of your eyelashes.

Nude lips for a natural effect

Finally, for your lip makeup, avoid intense red that is too flashy . Instead, opt for nude shades for a more natural effect. A mattifying gloss can also do the trick.

Little tip, if you want to highlight your lips by giving them more volume, use a lip pencil with a shade slightly darker than the color of your lips and trace the outline . Next, apply a nude lipstick or gloss to the center of your mouth. Pat your makeup on to give a gradient effect, where the center of your lips will be lighter than their outline. In this way, your lips will gain volume while maintaining a natural appearance , perfectly in keeping with the style of cozy girl makeup.

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