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Article: What if you tried glitter?

What if you tried glitter?

Glitter makeup is often reserved for festive events, but glitter makeup can also be worn every day. Find out how to best enhance your makeup with the glitter effect.

Glitter used in moderation can accompany makeup and make it brighter . The glitter effect can actually be used both for parties and for a more formal make-up. But how to wear glitter makeup correctly ? Here are tips and valuable advice to help you enhance your make-up thanks to good mastery of the glitter effect.

How to choose the right glitter makeup for a successful glitter effect?

The glitter effect can be used as both daytime and party makeup. However, it is important to choose your entire makeup carefully so that the final result remains harmonious and meets your expectations.

Determine the desired effect

Glittery makeup can be very discreet, as well as very showy . Take the time to determine the effect you want to achieve. This will then allow you to more effectively choose the shades and type of glitter to use.

Choose two areas maximum to make up with glitter

To avoid looking like a disco ball, the ideal is to select only two areas of your face to be made up with glitter. Generally, we avoid choosing the eyes and the mouth, because this can give an unaesthetic bling-bling effect. For a more balanced end result, focus on the eyes alone, or the lips and cheekbones .

Select the right colors

Choose carefully the colors to favor. Eye shadows, glitter colors, nothing should be left to chance. Choose them according to the color of your complexion , but also in relation to the color of your eyes , and your eyebrow coloring , especially if you plan to use your glitter to intensify your look.

Note that as a general rule, silver and gold glitter colors suit all skin tones and iris colors. This is why they are generally a staple of the glitter effect.

Don't rush when doing your make-up

Wearing makeup with a glitter effect is not necessarily what we are most used to. So, to put the odds on your side, allow enough time to do your makeup.

5 trendy glitter makeup ideas

Here are 5 makeup ideas to highlight your makeup with a glitter effect, which can adapt to all situations.

A discreet glitter effect

For luminous and trendy daytime makeup , opt for delicate, glittery makeup. Draw a classic eyeliner line on the upper lashline and apply a pencil or glitter eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye . Using a makeup brush or pen, you can slightly blend the color of the rest of the eyelid with a darker, more neutral shade. This will have the effect of widening your eyes without overdoing it, and using less material.

Glittery smoky eyes

For a more intense look, you can complete the smoky eyes technique by accompanying it with a glitter effect . Choose your three gradient shades for your smoky eyes and add glitter that you will take care to apply from the inner corner of your eye to the middle of your eyelid. For an even more expressive look , consider lightly applying makeup to the area under your lower lash line . You can even apply some glitter on it. However, the makeup on this area of ​​your eye should remain fairly neutral and not very pronounced .

Reverse eyeliner for an original effect

Generally very popular for festive events, the glittery reverse eyeliner is an original eye makeup look, where the eyeliner on the lower lash line must be highlighted more compared to that on the upper lash line. Some current trends even opt for flashy eyeliner with bright colors, like green or glittery electric blue .

Glitter lips

The mouth can also be enhanced with an original glitter effect , which will give volume to your lips. To achieve a successful glitter lips, you can opt for a lipstick or a glittery gloss , which you will only have to apply to your mouth. You can also use glitter to place on a permanent lip makeup base . This last technique can be interesting if you want to obtain a more original and less uniform result.

Skin jewelry

Finally, it is also possible to perfect your makeup with skin jewelry that you can place around your eyes, on your cheekbones or even on your forehead. The use of these make-up accessories is generally used in parties or festivals .

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