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Article: Applying eyebrow makeup with a stencil, good or bad idea?

Applying eyebrow makeup with a stencil, good or bad idea?

The eyebrow stencil is an easy technique to do yourself, which allows you to enhance your eyebrows in no time. Focus on this practical and useful everyday makeup accessory.

Sold between €5 and €10, eyebrow stencils are an easy-to-use makeup accessory. In just a few minutes, they give you the opportunity to perfect the line of your eyebrows for a stunning result. But, is this technique really effective? And, is it suitable for all eyebrow types? Discover in detail the advantages of the eyebrow stencil , and how you can use it to highlight your eyes.

How to use an eyebrow stencil?

The eyebrow stencil is sold individually or in sets. It looks like a plastic drawing stencil. Some are reusable, others single-use. The purpose of their use is above all to allow you to be guided in the makeup of your eyebrows .

Instructions for using an eyebrow stencil

  1. Typically, eyebrow stencil kits offer several shapes. You will therefore need to choose the one that most closely resembles the natural shape of your eyebrow arches .
  2. Then, apply the stencil to your eyebrows . The void of the stencil should fit as closely as possible to the base of your eyebrows.
  3. Once your stencil is well positioned , using a brush, apply the powder sold in your kit. Sometimes it can be a colored gel. Little tip, if you want to maintain a more natural appearance, don't use too much material.
  4. Brush lightly from the head toward the tail of your eyebrow . You can even use a setting gel for long-lasting hold of your makeup.
  5. Finally, gently remove your stencil from your eyebrows.

For an impeccable result, you can carefully pluck the hairs from your eyebrows which are outside the area delimited by the stencil (and which therefore have not been colored by makeup). They will thus be more visible, and you will therefore be able to remove them more easily.

What are the advantages of choosing an eyebrow stencil for your makeup?

The eyebrow stencil has several significant advantages , especially when you are starting out and are not necessarily an expert in the art of eyebrow makeup .

Eyebrows made up in just a few minutes

The eyebrow stencil allows you to apply makeup on your eyebrows in record time. Generally, in good conditions, a few minutes are enough for a perfect make-up of your eyebrows.

A multitude of eyebrow shapes available

You might think that this technique is not suitable for all eyebrow shapes. But, thanks to the many existing models, you are sure to find the shape of eyebrows that will suit your expectations , whether in terms of thickness or shape.

A non-invasive technique

Another advantage, although ephemeral, this technique is not invasive and is less restrictive than permanent eyebrow makeup . The products used can be removed easily with a makeup remover and, if chosen correctly, will not damage your eyebrows, even if you use them regularly.

Applying makeup with an eyebrow stencil: good or bad idea?

The eyebrow stencil is an accessory that has many fans, but it also has its limits.

Its main advantage: its practicality

The main advantage of an eyebrow stencil remains its very practical aspect . In fact, it allows you to quickly make up your eyebrows with an almost guaranteed result.

The limits of the makeup stencil

However, this makeup accessory also has its limits. Indeed, the colors offered in the kits may not suit you. On the other hand, the shapes offered are not tailor-made. Although they can give a satisfactory result in certain cases, this is not an absolute rule. In particular, for women with asymmetrical eyebrows .

What other alternatives are possible to enhance your eyebrows?

There are other techniques that you can do yourself, such as eyebrow tinting or penciling your eyebrows . However, going to a beauty salon is still strongly recommended.

A special moment to find the technique you need

In the institute, the beautician who will take care of you will be able to offer you makeup trends that will be adapted to your expectations, but also to the natural structure of your eyebrows. Eyebrow waxing is the basis of successful eye makeup, so don't hesitate to also pick up some valuable tips for waxing this area of ​​your face.

Permanent eyebrow makeup: an option to consider?

If, for you, applying makeup to your eyebrows every morning is a chore, the option of permanent makeup ( microshading or microblading ) may be worth considering. Indeed, this technique based on dermopigments inserted under the superficial layers of your epidermis will allow you to have made-up eyebrows, which will remain impeccable for several months without retouching .

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