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Article: What are the makeup trends for 2024?

What are the makeup trends for 2024?

The trends for 2024 put naturalness in the spotlight, but also bright shades and pastel tones. Full of nuance and contrast, this year's make-up trends promise to be original and colorful.

The chic and minimalist style is one of the guidelines of the 2024 make-up trends . Naturalness is highlighted by leaving aside overly superficial makeup. Color contrasts will be widely used to enhance your natural assets or correct any imperfections. But, what exactly will this year’s makeup trends look like? We take stock in this article.

A naturally enhanced complexion

In recent years, the no-makeup trend has taken over overly bling-bling and sophisticated makeup. In 2024, there will no longer be a question of using too many materials; naturalness is to be preferred.

We therefore take care to hydrate our skin well with a skincare type moisturizer, and we even out the complexion with a light base without overloading your make-up.

Tinted BB creams will certainly be the stars of this year 2024 , since they allow you to hydrate your skin and hide any small imperfections, such as redness or pimples, while maintaining a natural and fresh complexion.

Nude in the spotlight

Still under the influence of natural beauty, the Latte make-up trend will be omnipresent during this year 2024. Lipsticks in nude colors will be particularly in the spotlight. With particular attention paid to blush to illuminate your complexion with warm and shimmering colors . This is why, this winter, orange blush to give a healthy glow will be one of the beauty assets not to be missed.

Lip contouring

Voluminous lips with a plump mouth effect are still trendy in 2024. Lip contouring with a gradient style will still be at the forefront of fashion this year. Easy to achieve, this trend consists of an ombré lips type contouring where the contour of the mouth is accentuated with a darker shade than that used in the center of your lips . You can get it with classic makeup products, or permanent lip makeup . This gradient effect gives more volume to your lips by highlighting them more. Moreover, this technique used in particular in gothic makeup with shades of bright red and purple is becoming more and more trendy, even for more classic makeup.

Finally, Oval lining will also be talked about at the start of 2024. This technique allows you to reshape the shape of your lips by focusing on the center of your mouth. The center of the lips is highlighted thanks to more pronounced shades under the cupid's bow and less marked on the ends of your mouth.

Pastel eyeshadows VS metallic colors

To enhance your look , two trends are in competition in 2024. Pastel tones and metallic colors , such as electric blue. Sometimes, accompanied by mascara and a stroke of black eyeliner or glitter, eye makeup this year is intended to be daring and colorful. Monochrome or with more shades , this type of makeup is strongly conditioned by the natural color of your eyes.

Light eyes will be highlighted more by orange or golden shades . As for green eyes , mauve shades or other tones of red will be preferred. Finally, for brown eyes , almost any shade can be used. You can even dare to use flashier shades to bring pep and originality to your make-up.

The timeless smoky eyes

Smoky eyes are a make-up technique that goes through the seasons without going out of style. It gives a smoky effect to your eyes and intensifies the depth of your look. It works thanks to a play of contrasts and an ombre effect which allows you to widen your eyes and highlight the color of your eyes .

Generally, a gradient of three shades is used to achieve this type of makeup. The darker shades are used to widen your look on the outer side of your eye, while the lighter shades are used to brighten the inner corner of your eye. For a real doe look , you can also complete with a natural eyelash extension .

Reverse eyeliner

Black eyeliner , for a doe-eyed effect, is a timeless makeup staple. And, this will remain the case in 2024. However, certain more original variations will be particularly in the spotlight this year, such as reverse eyeliner .

This technique somehow reverses the codes of the usual eyeliner, which is normally done on the upper lash line . Indeed, with an inverted eyeliner, the line will be drawn on the lower lash line using a kohl pencil , which allows you to highlight your eyes by varying the codes of classic eyeliner. However, be careful, this trend may not suit all eye shapes. For example, it should be avoided for drooping eyelids .

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