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Article: Concealer lips: discover this new make-up trend that’s a hit on TikTok

Concealer lips: discover this new make-up trend that’s a hit on TikTok

Lip concealer is making a comeback in 2023! Appearing in the 2000s, this makeup trend has been brought up to date thanks to influencer Sofia Richie Grainge, who has already exceeded 3 million views on TikTok.

Lip concealer is not new. Already trendy in the 2000s, and popular with celebrities like Christina Aguilera or Rihanna , this lip makeup has become fashionable again recently thanks to social networks. But, what do you think of this new revisited trend? Here is a complete guide to lip concealer to know how to do it.

What is Lip Concealer?

Lip concealer is a type of makeup that appeared in the 2000s . At that time, this makeup trend belonged to the “no make-up makeup” movement, which advocated a natural effect by abandoning ultra-sophisticated makeup .

Originally, the principle of concealer lips was to erase the contour of the mouth using color corrector or concealer to create a more natural, nude effect.

However, the currently fashionable lip concealer is only inspired by that of the 2000s. In fact, TikTok's lip concealer today aims to highlight your lips by accentuating their volume , without having to resorting to permanent lip makeup .

Why opt for the new trend of Concealer lips?

The new version of the lip concealer allows above all to boost the volume of your lips by playing with textures and color gradients. Indeed, the goal of this makeup is to create a contrast between the darker contour of your lips and its lighter center .

Concealer lips: for whom?

This makeup trend can suit all lip types . Even if it has more effect on full and thick lips , thin lips can also be highlighted by this technique, using the differences in shades of your make-up . You will just have to plan beforehand a makeup which will correct your possible asymmetries and which will thus allow you to gain volume.

Why is this new make-up so successful?

The resounding success of lip concealer is notably due to the fact that it is a very easy technique to perform . The entire make-up can be done in just a handful of seconds and uses accessories and products that everyone generally has on hand, such as concealer and lip liner.

How to make a perfect lip concealer to enhance your lips?

The steps for making a lip concealer are simple to perform and mainly require only two key accessories: a lip pencil and a concealer. And, if you want perfect lips without the need for daily makeup, consider permanent makeup !

Take good care of your lips for better makeup adhesion

One of the essential steps for a successful lip make-up is to take good care of your lips every day. Exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin, and regularly use a nourishing and moisturizing lip balm as a daily treatment, especially in winter. This will tone the skin on your lips and make it softer. This will subsequently allow better adhesion of the makeup , whatever the type of makeup you are considering.

Outline your mouth with a lip liner

Choose a color that suits your skin tone and matches the rest of your makeup. Little tip, the chosen shade must be slightly dark to stand out against your concealer . Then apply your lip liner, starting by redrawing the cupid's bow . Do the same thing at the bottom of your lower lip. Finally, finish your line starting from the corner of your lips. This step is essential, because it will allow you to correct your small defects (lip asymmetry, very thin lips, etc.).

Applying the concealer

Once you outline your lips, apply your concealer . This could be your concealer or a color corrector . Its shade is therefore a little lighter than your skin tone. The important thing is to apply it to the center of your lower lip . Be careful not to add too much material otherwise you risk not having the expected result. Typically, if it's a liquid concealer, only a few drops are needed.

Note that opting for a concealer with a glass ball can also be a good option, because this makeup tool is handy and easier to use.

For perfectly successful makeup, don't forget to also take care of the other parts of your face. Simple and effective eyebrow makeup will give you a neat and sophisticated look!

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