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Article: Coachella: zoom in on festive eyebrows!

Coachella: zoom in on festive eyebrows!

The famous American festival Coachella is known for its extraordinary programming, but also for its incredible looks . During these few days, festival-goers are doubling their imagination and creativity to wear ever more innovative outfits and makeup ! 

Eyebrows in the spotlight 

It is no longer a novelty, eyebrows are today an integral part of our beauty routine. On a daily basis, we take care of them and enhance them to highlight our eyes . Festivals are an additional opportunity to play and make up our eyebrows, for a fabulous look! 


And for good reason, eyebrows frame our eyes . Impossible to have pretty eye makeup without perfectly plucked eyebrows. But, as you know, it's not just about having a beautiful shape of eyebrows ... You can also beautify them with suitable makeup. [Jump back to line] And at Coachella, we have no shortage of ideas at this level! Focus on festive eyebrows and eye makeup trends . 


Festive eyebrows 

If, on a daily basis, it is difficult to allow ourselves a little exuberance with our eyebrows, festivals like Coachella are perfect for this. In fact, it's even the norm here. Let yourself be tempted by original, colorful and sparkling makeup ... You've understood, it's time to show off! 


Glittery eyebrows 

Glitter is timeless and always ultra-trendy! 

To shine brightly and attract all eyes, you can use and overuse glitter. 

Depending on your tastes, you can opt for some glitter attached to your eyebrows for a bright and magical effect, or for something much more extravagant by coloring your eyebrows and covering them with matching glitter. Of course, you have to be daring, but this is undoubtedly THE final touch to enhance your festival look! 


Eyebrows topped with dotted lines 

This is undeniably THE trend of recent years. From Coachella, this eyebrow makeup simply consists of lining the eyebrows by drawing a dotted line just above. For a harmonious result, you obviously follow your eyebrow line. Depending on your tastes but also on the expected effect, you can draw the points yourself , finely or more roughly, or create this line using accessories such as skin jewelry, diamonds and other decorations. The advantage of these points is that they are infinitely available and adapt to all styles. You can paint them, replace them with flowers, glitter and many more! 


Coachella: eye makeup above all! 

When we look at the makeup and looks from Coachella , we notice that it is especially the eyes and the upper part of the face that are highlighted. Festival-goers use numerous makeup techniques to enhance their eyes and add a festive and colorful touch to their outfit! 


We dare to use color 

To party and have fun, at a festival or during any other event, you can have fun and dare to use more colorful and flashy tones than normal. Exit browns, peaches and nudes... It's time to play with colors, contrasts and glitter . The only limits are those you impose on yourself! 


Carefully plucked eyebrows 

By applying makeup, you draw attention to the eyes and eyebrows . Out of the question, therefore, of having poorly plucked eyebrows ... We therefore plan a hair removal session at home or in an institute to prepare beautiful eyebrows , well defined and harmonious. Not only will they add depth to your eyes, but they will also be easier to integrate into your party makeup ! 


Total look… 

Eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil , glitter and diamonds... It's time to dare for the total look by completely making up your eyes . You can even allow yourself to innovate by applying makeup, for example, to the inner corner of the eye or by placing glitter or diamonds under your eyes or on the outer corner. 


…or more discreet makeup! 

Yes, if you prefer to opt for more minimalist makeup , you can simply opt for a colorful or even neon eye shadow , or attach a few glitters, diamonds and skin jewels around your eyes. Quicker to achieve, this type of makeup will be perfect for highlighting your eyes and bringing a touch of originality to your outfit without requiring long preparation. 


Coachella, a summer festival, a party with friends, a wedding or a birthday... There is no shortage of opportunities to apply original makeup! You can let yourself be guided and inspired by one of the current trends or simply give free rein to your imagination... It's time to let your creativity speak ! 

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