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Article: How to have healthy eyebrows?

How to have healthy eyebrows?

Like every year, we celebrate World Health Day this Thursday, April 7, 2022... On this occasion, let's return to an important subject for all of us: the health of our eyebrows! 

Do you have a dream, to have and above all keep beautiful , healthy eyebrows ? This is completely normal. Indeed, eyebrows structure our face, are part of our identity, allow us to share (sometimes in spite of ourselves!) our emotions. Finally, they have a capital importance in the beauty of our eyes … in a word, they are essential and you owe part of your beauty to them. 


Have a balanced diet 

Eyebrows, like hair, nails and skin, draw their beauty, strength and uniformity from your diet . Indeed, if you do not eat healthily, too fatty, too sweet, too salty, in too large a quantity... or conversely, in insufficient quantity or if your body lacks nutrients, vitamins and other trace elements, you will quickly notice! It is no longer in doubt that the body must have everything it needs to function normally, on the one hand, but to give the best of itself on the other. And by “best of himself”, we are obviously talking about eyebrows in this case! Are you having trouble eating a healthy and balanced diet? Force yourself to cook, for example, it's an excellent way to vary foods and therefore provide your body and your eyebrows with all the elements they need! And then, after all, eating well is pleasant and it won't just do your eyebrows... morally, it's very appreciable too! Don’t we say “good in body, good in head”? 


Have an excellent lifestyle 

Your body, to produce magnificent eyebrows, needs, as we have seen, to have everything it needs to function. However, this is not enough... In fact, know that your healthy lifestyle is just as important. Cigarettes for example, beyond seriously harming your health, will have a devastating effect on your eyebrows... just like alcohol abuse or even taking narcotic and illicit products. Furthermore, who says healthy lifestyle, says physical activity . By activating the cardiovascular system, sport allows your body to intensify the supply of oxygen and nutrients to all the elements of your body, including, of course, your eyebrows. 


Hydrate them! 

It is necessary to take care of your eyebrows with suitable products. Just like hair, eyebrows need to be nourished and hydrated . And when we talk about hydration, it concerns the entire eyebrow area: both skin and hair! This improves the health of your eyebrows and promotes the growth cycle. This prevents eyebrows that are too thin or sparse . More hydrated, the hairs are also less rough and easier to discipline and style ! 

Many eyebrow care products give your eyebrows everything they need to be in great shape ! 



Quality and suitable products! 

Makeup on your eyebrows is good: it's pretty, it highlights your eyes even more, it allows you to homogenize your makeup... but it means that you have to choose them correctly and with the greatest care. products to apply to your pretty eyebrows! There is no question of making them beautiful in appearance but “destroying” them in the background. Exit, therefore, low-end or cheap products, with questionable composition. Wearing makeup does not mean forgetting what our body needs, you know that perfectly. L'Atelier du Sourcil offers you numerous products specially designed to take care of and beautify your eyebrows . Professional quality , our eyebrow makeup products are perfect for dressing up your eyes without damaging your eyebrows . 


Clean your eyebrows properly

Your eyebrows should not be forgotten when washing, certainly not! Like your hair, your eyebrows have the annoying habit of picking up all the impurities that hang around in the air we breathe: pollution from exhaust gases or factories, pollen, dust, tiny residues of all kinds ... you will therefore have noticed the need to clean them correctly (by respecting them with well-suited products!) after each long and hard day of work, after sport, after a “simple” walk in the city, in the forest or even in the middle of nature. 


As seen previously, some of us have gotten into the habit of putting on makeup, so keep in mind that “makeup” means “ makeup removal .” For your health and that of your eyebrows, it is necessary not to skip this step ! 

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