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Article: Pencil, gel, cream... What products for my eyebrows?

Pencil, gel, cream... What products for my eyebrows?

Do you want to take the plunge and put makeup on your eyebrows ? Faced with the multitude of products that exist, it can be difficult to navigate. You do not know where to start ? We present to you the main products to enhance your eyebrows ! 

What if we put makeup on our eyebrows? 

Long forgotten and neglected, eyebrows are now completely integrated into our beauty routine. We wax them, we take care of them, we make them up… in short, we do everything to have beautiful eyebrows ! [Jump back to line] And for good reason, pretty eyebrows highlight and emphasize the look. They can also help refine the face, for example, or make us look younger. 


So, nowadays it is common to wear makeup on your eyebrows as much as your lips or eyes. Powder, cream, gel, pencil or even eyebrow mascara, there are many makeup products. How to find your way there? What products to use? We will explain everything to you ! 


1st step: eyebrow waxing 

Before thinking about makeup, it is essential to have well-plucked eyebrows. You're not going to make up bushy, poorly plucked eyebrows ? A visit to a beauty salon or home hair removal is essential. 


In 2022, the trend is still for thick, well-defined eyebrows . If, of course, you have to opt for the shape of eyebrows best suited to your face, it is best to avoid eyebrows that are too thin. Then, we make sure to maintain impeccable eyebrows by removing any new hair or by regularly having eyebrow maintenance waxing. 


2nd step: choose the right makeup products 

Don't worry, you're probably not going to need all the eyebrow makeup products and accessories out there. The choice of products will mainly depend on your needs, your type of eyebrows, your skin and the desired look.  


The pencil 

Eyebrow pencil is a very popular and used makeup product. It allows you to draw a pretty eyebrow line and fill it in a natural and discreet way . Very easy to use, it is perfect for those who are not used to or do not have the time to try more elaborate makeup. It is particularly suitable if your eyebrows are a little too thin or sparse . All you need to do is take your pencil, in a shade as close as possible to your eyebrows, and then draw the hairs one by one. For a natural effect, avoid being too heavy-handed and check the result regularly! 


The powder 

With a softer effect than most other makeup products, the powder is suitable for all eyebrow types . It is most often used in addition to a pencil or felt-tip pen , to properly outline and fill in sparse eyebrows, for example. Although it is a product recommended for oily skin, it is better to avoid it if you already have dry skin and favor creamy and smooth textures. The eyebrow powder is applied very easily using an angled brush, drawing slanted lines for a “hair” effect and a shaded line that will enhance your eyes ! 


The freeze 

The eyebrow fixing gel exists in two versions: colorless or colored.

It helps discipline messy and bushy eyebrows that are difficult to style. Thanks to its brush, it allows you to easily style, sculpt and discipline your eyebrows. Colorless, you can easily combine it with other makeup products. And for those who want to save time, the colored gel allows you to make up your eyebrows naturally and quickly ! 

Like a mascara, use the brush on the hairs, gently grazing them to avoid excess gel. It's the ideal accessory to give thickness and consistency to your eyebrows! 



The eyebrow cream is particularly suitable for thin and sparse eyebrows . Its creamy texture is enriched with pigments for beautifully shaped and colored eyebrows. It is used to (re)define eyebrows, make them shine and give them more intensity. Thanks to a beveled brush tip, the cream is applied without difficulty and immediately gives a “made-up” effect to the eyes. The result is clean, precise and without transfer , for your greatest happiness! 


Care products 

If we can sublimate and highlight our eyebrows with makeup, there is only one way to make them look naturally beautiful: take care of them!

Yes, your eyebrows need to be pampered to maintain all their vitality, beauty and shine. Care products such as our eyebrow exfoliator or our Revitabrow conditioning treatment are perfect for taking care of your eyebrows! 

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