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Article: Why do you have to remove makeup every evening?

Why do you have to remove makeup every evening?

We say it and repeat it again and again, it is very important to remove your makeup every evening before going to bed. But ultimately, why is it so important? What happens when you don't remove your makeup? 

A crucial step often forgotten 

Once we know perfectly how to apply makeup to our eyebrows , eyes or mouth, we all enjoy beautifying ourselves with makeup , whether daily or occasionally. However, when it comes to removing makeup , it is not uncommon for there to be a few little mistakes . Due to laziness, lack of time or fatigue, we can sometimes be tempted to skip the “make-up removal” box. 


However, everyone has already heard it and knows it; you have to remove your makeup ! 


Not removing makeup promotes the appearance of wrinkles 

Among the many reasons why we need to remove makeup, we can mention wrinkles . Skin that is not removed does not breathe and, ultimately, becomes dehydrated. This causes the early appearance of wrinkles . When removing makeup, we rub and massage our skin, which promotes micro-circulation , nutrition and oxygenation of cells . Result: the skin remains supple and toned ! 

Conversely, when you do not remove makeup, fatty substances and pollutants are the cause of oxidation and inflammation of the skin . The skin's barrier function is impaired and the skin is less protected. Result: eventually, the skin becomes dull and the face becomes marked. In a short time, we look much older than our age and appear aged. Removing makeup regularly helps preserve the youthfulness of the skin and maintain a healthy glow ! 


Removing makeup allows for a luminous and radiant complexion 

In the absence of makeup removal , the pores on the face are clogged by makeup. The skin does not breathe, is suffocated and the epidermis can no longer absorb and benefit from other treatments . The complexion becomes dull and dull. Thus, it remains useless to apply treatments to dirty skin because the layer of makeup, however light it may be, prevents the cream from penetrating and acting. 


Remove makeup to avoid imperfections and inflammation 

Makeup, whether it is foundation, lipstick or eyebrow mascara , is not made to stay permanently on our skin . So, when we don't remove our makeup, beauty and makeup products get stuck in our pores and block them. These products, considered polluting and aggressive for the skin, prevent cell renewal which takes place every night. Not removing makeup causes cellular dysfunction . Quite naturally, the skin becomes more fragile and subject to external aggressions. This causes pimples, blackheads, redness and other skin imperfections and inflammations to appear. 


Should I remove makeup if I don't wear makeup? 

The answer may be surprising but yes, you also need to remove makeup when you're not wearing makeup. Or, at least, clean your face every evening. 

Indeed, during the day, our pretty face is exposed to numerous pollutants and attacks. Our skin must therefore be deeply cleansed and de-clogged to better regenerate. This is how your complexion will stay fresh and luminous ! 


So, even if you are not a makeup user, it is very important to clean your face every evening. 


What steps for my beauty routine? 

For complete makeup removal , apply your makeup remover product and gently massage the face . We start from the neck and go up to the top of the face, then we rinse. Then, we carry out the operation a second time. Finally, to take care of your skin, you can simply apply a little lotion using a cotton pad! 


Which makeup remover product to choose? 

There are several types of makeup removers: lotions, milks, micellar water, etc. 

How to make your choice? 

If your skin is oily, combination or has imperfections , choose a gentle or purifying gel cleanser, which will help your skin get rid of excess sebum and imperfections. 

If your skin is sensitive , favor ultra-gentle or even leave-in products such as our push & clean makeup remover wipes . 

Is your skin pretty normal ? You can opt for any makeup remover product , without any restrictions. 

Finally, for dry skin , we opt for a milk or a hydrating micellar solution . This will help your skin hydrate and regain its radiance. 


A makeup remover suitable for the eyes 

The eyes, and especially the skin of this part of the face, are very fragile and require special attention. So, whether it is to remove eye shadow or eyebrow makeup , you can opt for our fresh eye makeup remover jelly . It removes make-up and enhances your eyes by providing all the necessary care. 

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