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Article: Makeup trends for spring

Makeup trends for spring

What makeup to adopt this spring to be ultra-trendy ? Complexion, eyes, mouth… We take stock of the make-up trends for spring 2022 ! 

Peachy make-up: THE trend for this spring/summer 2022 

Easy to wear day or night, the peach color is on everyone's faces today. Complexion, mouth, eyes… Peachy make-up caused a sensation during Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Week. 

Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok… This new trend is found absolutely everywhere. 

And for good reason, it has the advantage of matching all skin tones ! 

Indeed, peach tones have the immense advantage of neutralizing dark areas of the face and camouflaging hyper-pigmentation spots . They will thus smooth and illuminate the face , giving a perfect and fresh complexion. 


Of course, you have to opt for the tone suited to your skin color. Those with very fair skin should rather choose a soft color , while darker skin can afford to go deeper, with brighter, more pronounced colors such as coral or apricot. 

We can easily adopt peachy make-up with a peachy, natural blush that will brighten up your face. You can also opt for orange eye shadow , which you can enhance with a light line of eyeliner and mascara! 

Finally, on our lips, peach tones bring an ultra-glamorous and natural touch that will look great on you! 


Graphic look and eyeliner 

The other trend this spring is eyeliner and its different graphic variations. Because yes, today, we are no longer satisfied with a simple line above the eyelid. 

We double it , we reverse it , or we play with the colors... The eyeliner line is available endlessly for a sublimated and hypnotizing look . 


We can therefore opt for something much more artistic . Ladies, it's time to let your creativity speak ! Metallic eyeliner , double line, white or beige waterline… (Almost) Anything goes! 


Glossy lips 

Yes, gloss is making a comeback! 

In 2022, the trend is for shiny , glossy lips, enhanced by a luminous gloss. We mainly find natural and peachy shades. For more intense tones , such as burgundy or brown, we opt instead for a matte lipstick or permanent lip makeup . 


Rhinestones and sequins 

This spring, we dare to use color and glitter ! 

Very popular in recent months, rhinestones and sequins are making a comeback . If rhinestones placed on the face are difficult to wear on a daily basis, it is entirely possible to opt for glittery makeup.  


On the lips with gloss or a glittery lipstick, or to enhance the look with a beautiful eye shadow, glitter will bring a touch of originality and pep to your outfit. To be preferred, obviously, for an evening or a special occasion! 


A perfect and glowy complexion 

One of the make-up trends this spring is obviously a smooth, even and glowy complexion. 

The effects of light allow certain areas of the face to be highlighted. We enhance everything, discreetly, with highlighter for a glowy finish that illuminates your complexion ! 


Eyebrows always well defined 

Always in fashion, thick and well-defined eyebrows remain in the spotlight. 

If the thin eyebrow trend could well make a comeback, for the moment we prefer the disciplined and structured eyebrow . 


Thick, yes. Bushy, no! 

We therefore let ourselves be tempted by eyebrows worthy of the biggest stars, beautifully drawn and which frame the face. Besides, why not try micrograyling ? This brand new permanent makeup technique allows you to have a beautiful eyebrow shape , perfectly adapted to your face, by playing with different shading processes, shades and gradients. 


Naturally redesigned and thickened , your eyebrows highlight your eyes and give depth to your look. Offering true personalization , micrograyling is particularly aimed at women whose eyebrows have very little or no hair at all. A real revolution, this technique will be a sensation in 2022! 


And now, it's your turn ! 

From eyebrow makeup to highlighting your lips... You have all the cards in hand to achieve ultra-trendy makeup. Obviously, unless you want to look like a can of paint, you don't combine all these makeup trends and techniques at the same time! 


And, of course, we remember to take care of our face and remove makeup every day. If you wear a lot of eye makeup, take care of and strengthen your eyelashes and eyebrows by applying serums and conditioning treatments ! 

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