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Article: How to choose the right mascara?

How to choose the right mascara?

Ideal for dressing the eyes and giving them depth , mascara is an essential part of a successful make-up routine! A simple brush stroke is enough to enhance your eyes and give you a real doe look. For this, it is important to choose your mascara carefully. We will explain everything to you ! 

 Volumizing, curling, lengthening ... Mascara comes in different versions. So, when buying a mascara, an essential question arises: which one to choose? While they all have considerable benefits, some will be more suited to your lashes than others. How to make your choice? 

The different types of mascara 

 Volume mascara 

The volume mascara has a thick brush and numerous bristles . It thus gives more volume to the eyelashes and thickens them. 


Curling mascara 

Perfect for straight eyelashes or those that tend to fall out, curling mascara enhances the eyelashes and makes them more supple, for an enlarged look. Thanks to its rather fine brush and its bristles , the curling mascara allows you to straighten your eyelashes. 


Lengthening mascara 

Made up of a fine brush and large bristles , the lengthening mascara gives the illusion that your eyelashes are longer . It generally contains fibers which attach to the eyelashes to lengthen and enhance them. 


Waterproof mascara 

Thanks to a specially designed formula, waterproof mascara resists water , humidity or perspiration. Thus, it benefits from a long hold, perfect for long days or if you like to party until the end of the night. 


Which mascara according to my eyelashes? 

The choice of your mascara depends, of course, on your tastes and desires, but also on your eyelashes. 

Some are more suitable for short lashes, while others are perfect for straight or drooping lashes. 


Mascara for fine eyelashes 

If your eyelashes are thin or sparse , it is better to opt for a volumizing mascara. In fact, it will give thickness to your eyelashes and make them appear thicker and fuller . Choose an elastomer brush that will help you work on each eyelash and accentuate their curve, for a real doe look. 

 To get the most out of your mascara, make sure you use it correctly. To do this, grab the eyelashes from the base with the brush and move up towards the end with a zig-zag movement . 


Mascara for short eyelashes  

Are your eyelashes short? Lengthening mascara will be perfect to give them more length.  

Generally, when you have short eyelashes, you find your eyes a little too crushed and closed. You can opt for a Russian volume eyelash extension or, more simply, for a lengthening mascara and a curved brush to coat and stretch the eyelashes. Perfect to enhance your look and highlight your eyes! 


To have beautiful eyelashes, remember to position the brush correctly at the base of the eyelashes and stretch to the tips. Do not hesitate to repeat the movement several times to increase the intensity. 


Mascara for straight eyelashes 

 Are your eyelashes straight and not curling? Even if they are long and thick, do straight eyelashes not highlight your eyes enough? The eyelash curler and suitable makeup products will become your everyday allies. 


An alternative to eyelash enhancement , curling mascara allows you to straighten your eyelashes and widen your eyes. With a rather fine brush, equipped with bristles , you just need to start from the edge of the eyelid and go up to the ends of the eyelashes by turning the brush on itself. 


What color mascara? 

While classic black mascara is still trendy, it comes in many colors. 

You can thus adapt the color of your mascara to that of your eyes, for an irresistible look! 


  • For blue eyes , we favor a brown, black or plum mascara, which will match very well with the color of your eyes. On the other hand, we avoid blue, which will be too tone-on-tone. 
  • For green eyes , we opt instead for mascara in copper tones or tending towards purple, plum or burgundy. More difficult to wear, flashy purple is ideal for a dazzling and original effect. 
  • For brown eyes , black mascara remains a safe bet. It plays on the mysterious side without overdoing it. And for a touch of originality, you can also opt for blue mascara. 



Essential: the basics and care 

To keep beautiful, long and strong eyelashes , you have to take care of them. 

Dedicated to the natural beauty of eyelashes, our Revitalash eyelash collection is designed to revitalize and highlight your lashes. They are sublimated and protected against breakage! 

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