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Article: 1st eyebrow waxing in the Workshop: how does it go?


1st eyebrow waxing in the Workshop: how does it go?

Plucking your eyebrows yourself is one thing… having it done in an institute is another. And when you entrust your eyebrows, for the very first time, to a stranger, it can seem a little worrying. How's it going ? What to expect ? We tell you everything about the first hair removal in the Workshop!

Case #1: Your eyebrows have never been plucked

Yes, there is a beginning to everything!

When you pluck your eyebrows for the very first time, you usually want the best. And defining the most suitable eyebrow line for your face yourself is not always easy. It is sometimes more reassuring to contact a beauty institute who will find the perfect shape to enhance your look.

So, in this case, we are talking about eyebrow restructuring . This service consists of redefining the shape of the eyebrows and restoring harmony to your face.

First of all, don't worry , Atelier du Sourcil are real experts who will be able to advise you and support you in choosing a service .

So, once there, one of our technicians will welcome you and explain in detail how the session will take place. First, she will take stock with you in order to better understand your expectations and the type of eyebrows you want: rather natural or, on the contrary, very structured and marked. Once this point has been addressed, our specialist will remove makeup from your eyebrows so as to leave no trace of makeup. It also establishes some landmarks : the beginning, the arc and the end of the eyebrows. These points are very important since they are what allow you to define a natural eyebrow line .

While you are comfortably seated, the technician then proceeds to remove hair hair by hair, using tweezers . Then she moves on to the makeup stage. Because yes, restructuring the eyebrows also involves pretty makeup in order to structure your eyes.

While doing your eyebrow makeup, our expert will explain to you how to properly apply makeup . She will show you the steps and techniques to beautify your eyebrows. His expertise in the field will allow him to give you some good advice. Setting gel, pencil, mousse cream... Our technician will also be able to tell you what type of eyebrow makeup would suit you best.

And there you have it, your first eyebrow waxing is complete! Some redness and itching may appear in the hours that follow, but rest assured, they will fade very quickly .

After that ? You will of course have to take care of your beautiful eyebrows. To do this, you can continue to apply makeup to enhance them. It will also be necessary to carry out hair removal from time to time , in order to remove the hairs that grow back. You can carry out this maintenance hair removal yourself or come to an institute. Maintenance hair removal is faster and, therefore, less expensive than restructuring. On the other hand, after 2 months without hair removal, you must draw your eyebrows with restructuring.

Case no. 2: you regularly pluck your eyebrows yourself

After years of home hair removal, do you want to try salon hair removal? Do you want a slightly more professional and polished result?

Two choices are available to you: eyebrow restructuring , if you want to rework their shape, and maintenance hair removal , to simply relieve you of this task.

If your eyebrows are already well plucked, this will probably be maintenance waxing. In which case, you can go there with complete peace of mind. Our experts will be able, in just a few minutes and with incredible dexterity, to remove the excess hair. The session generally does not last very long and is not particularly painful.

Hair removal in the Workshop: we answer your questions

Does it hurt ?

This is often THE question we ask ourselves before hair removal in a salon... If hair removal with tweezers is not extremely pleasant, we cannot really talk about pain. In addition, our technicians are highly qualified and trained, they master all the movements to perfection and make sure to be as gentle as possible. A slight tightness or tingling may be felt, but it is largely bearable... even for the coziest!

Are there things to do or avoid before or after hair removal?

We avoid putting on makeup before going to the salon. In fact, makeup must, in all cases, be removed before hair removal... and any traces or residues could cause some small inflammations and reactions in the depilated skin.

Likewise, let your eyebrows breathe a little after waxing. Avoid touching it or scratching too much, even if it itches or stings a little!

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